Officially a teenager

Sorry I’m a little late on my posts but I will catch up eventually!

She is officially a teenager. My daughter Emily that is who tuned fourteen years old twelve days ago. I knew it was happening but I was not ready for it so I didn’t think about it. How did time pass by so fast, where have the years gone. It’s seems like just yesterday at 19 weeks pregnant I would find out I was expecting. We had tried for a second baby for over six months with no success. Test after test the results were negative “not pregnant” but one day while laying watching TV my husband felt a flutter and told me to go to go to the doctor and get checked. Why the home pregnancy tests were negative? We still have no clue but the blood test did not lie. Three weeks later I went into premature labor and was put on a ton of meds, bedrest and constant monitoring for the following 15 weeks until she arrived at 38wks 2 days, the day after my 19th birthday. She weighed 7lbs she was beautiful a healthy baby girl.

She was perfect with a birthmark just above her lip as if showing off that she had stolen all of my beauty. She was always so happy and with a mind of her own. I remember when she was 3 years old she took the scissors to her long curly locks because she just had to look like Snow White, and in first grade she begged me for weeks to cut her hair which was past her waist line because the girls in school were bothering her and pulling her hair. It was a hard decision but I gave in and cut it. I’ve tried to teach her to love and accept herself the way she is because as long as she is happy with herself she will be happy.

She is growing up, she is not a little girl anymore! She loves to get dressed up, yes, with high heals! She plays around with makeup, although I still do not allow her to leave the house with makeup. I know old fashion but I will do whatever I can to keep that innocence alive as long as possible. We talk about everything, she is very honest with me. Sometimes too honest (she gets that from me) and we tend to bump heads a bit. She is strong-willed and prepared to fight for something when she wants it. But she is also an amazingly wonderful human being. She is great with kids (actually AWESOME with them) and with those who have special needs well she has no problem seeing past that. I am very proud of the young lady she is. And also a bit scared because she is a lot like me.

Happy Birthday to my Amazing Daughter Emily!!!!! May all your dreams always come true.   

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