Introduction to Sophie

I will start out by introducing her to any new friends.

Sophie is my shining star! Sophie is the fifth of my six natural children she was diagnosed with Cri du Chat Syndrome at 2 weeks old. She has come a very long way and has overcome many obstacles. She is loved and accepted as just one of the kids in our family which include seven children. She recently turned 3 and surprised us all by starting to walk when I honestly was not expecting it. She is a very sickly child and has battled many medical issues but we are fighting to keep her healthy. It is very important to me that I share her journey with others, It’s also the way I cope.

Sophie has always struggled with her weight. Keeping her at a steady weight has been difficult especially since dropping a pound or two over a span of days is the norm when she is sick is. The problem is getting the weight back on, it can take weeks. She is non verbal and her source of nutrition is Pediasure and purred foods. She is very sensitive to her surroundings and needs a lot of sensory input on a daily basis.

Sophie is very friendly and LOVES Michael Jackson! She is a fighter and a very determined little girl. Today she made me very proud!

Sophie has minimal hand control or lack of control and constantly throws objects. The throwing is not always intentionally more like a habit or impulse. She can hold strings (shoe laces, sweater ties etc.) which are her item of preference at the moment. She mouths them and swings them to her hearts desire.

Today while working with her she did two things. The first was holding the pom-pom and shaking it 3-4 times before letting it go. It took a good 6-8 repetitions from me and her younger brother Tristan which I use as a helper because she will mimic him before me. But she did it three times at 3-4 shakes each before losing interest. I was so ecstatic!! I called Emily my older daughter over to help me praise her and she knew, she was very proud of herself. This is a big accomplishment for us!!

The second awesome thing Sophie did today was helping in changing her shirt. I know to many this would not be a big deal but to me it’s a VERY BIG DEAL. After dinner I told her I was changing her shirt and when I put her clean shirt over her head she one by one lifted her arms and pushed it through the sleeve all I did was guide the opening to her hand. In her own time it is happening. She is slowly showing progress but ultimately that is what matters. Progress is progress.

I am so very proud of her!!!


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