What made me happy this week

Encouraged by my friend and fellow blogger at elastamom.com , Happy this week!

What a crazy and exhausting week I’ve had! I am happy this week is finally coming to an end. My body and mind are exhausted and just need a break.

I am happy my husband started his new job this week and is very happy!

I am happy for my friends near and far! I don’t know what I would do without them.

I am happy to have resolved my niece’s custody case (update on another post).

I am happy I have the best kids ever! I flew to Florida on Tuesday and drove back Wednesday all the while my two teenagers baby-sat until dad arrived from work and did an amazing job at keeping everyone safe for two whole days!

I am very happy to be HOME!

I am happy with Sophie’s new pediatrician and the time she took to read Sophie’s medical history before our first visit.

I am so very happy Sophie gained back the weight she had recently lost and then some. She is now weighing 24.9lbs!!!

I am happy I never lost hope that my life would take a turn for the better. Answered prayers make me a very happy person.


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