One month

It’s been one month that we left Florida to start a new chapter in our lives in North Carolina. We were overdue for a fresh start and some good luck for a change. It was a long difficult struggle to figure out what would be the right direction for us. Figuring out where we should attempt to start over was a long stressful process but in the end we are feeling really good about our choices. We expected the transition to be more difficult than it has been we feel very lucky.

We are living in a house we can afford and are very comfortable in. It’s spacious and the kids have plenty of room to play. So far the services I have applied for have not required me to call district offices to find someone to actually “work” and no tears or frustration have accompanied my efforts. We found a really great pediatrician to take over Sophie’s care and is really interested and on top of her game. My next challenge is coordinating her specialists appts which will be in Chapel Hill almost two hours from here, I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

My husband found a job after only looking for two weeks. He does work a lot more hours than he did before but the pay is better and he is happy with the benefit’s and is appreciated and respected. He is happy and that’s what matters.

I’m learning my way around. I have never been good with remembering directions, I’ve been known to get lost quite a bit but so far I’m doing pretty good. I will use the GPS to get me to a location and then turn it off on the way back this way I have to pay attention to my surroundings otherwise I’d be a GPS junkie all the time. So far I can get to the stores, the kids schools, the health department, social services and a few other spots without getting lost. But I love these country roads with minimal stopping.

We miss our friends and family, ALOT! I miss people dropping by to visit and my coffee dates with Jacqui (BFF). I miss our monthly dinner date with Glenna and just knowing everyone is close by for a visit.  I also miss couponing, there is no Publix Supermarket here and I have not ventured out to learn the policies with the stores here yet. But I will be looking into it soon.

My two oldest start high school next week and I am praying they will adjust smoothly. Emily had a hard time last night when we returned from getting her new schedule and roaming the school to figure out where her classes are. She cried for a while. It made me sad, I really wish it was easier for her but I do understand. Starting a new school is hard then throw in an entire new state where you do not know anyone and all your friends are no longer around you. To make it worse she was one of the most popular girls in her middle school. I told her to give it time, to give herself time to make new friends and adjust. I told her I understand why she was upset and that I don’t expect her to be instantly happy. Arturo on the other hand seemed numb, I’m sure feels a little sad but he just will not show it. They are both friendly and social and I can only hope they make new friends and feel more at home in the weeks to come. My children have had to make alot of sacrifices in the last few years and sometimes as adults we forget that our decisions are not always as easy for our children to accept as we do. They understand that this change will benefit our family as a whole but that does not make it any easier.

So far though I will say, we are happy with our decision to relocate to North Carolina. And this is only the beginning…


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