Welcome new blogger!

Please welcome my friend and fellow CDCS mom to the blogging world.

Take a moment to check out her blog My Rivers Ride, and give her a warm welcome!


I am 30 some years old and I’m just starting out, starting out with blogging that is. I am a stay at home mother to 2 wonderful children and 2 step children. My step children “D” is almost 18 “S” is 15. My 2 children are “T” she is almost 12 but she is a bit more complicated. She has a rare syndrome called Cri du Chat Syndrome, Autism, and Deaf and Hard Of Hearing. Then I have “J” he is 10.5 years old. He isn’t as complicated as Tara but at times he can be. I have a wonderful boyfriend of 7.5 years. Yeah we are a blended family. Most of the time it works great others well you know how it goes. What seemed to be able to be manageable a few bumps, rocks and sticks in my way quickly turned into something so rocky and quick running waters to the point of where I have been trying to hold and keep my head above water. I do not want to turn up some stones as those are like razor blades and some of the rapids would swallow me whole if they could. I am a fighter and have learned to be that way. This blog is about my rivers ride. I hope that you enjoy my posts as we all have rivers that run the same way.


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