What made me happy this week

Encouraged by my friend and fellow blogger at elastamom.com , Happy this week!

Happy This Week

What made me happy this week?!

Seeing my daughter Emily walk in the door smiling on the 2nd day of school. With each additional day her smiles got bigger and then turned into laughter After hating her first day of high school and locking herself in the pantry crying for over an hour claiming that she hated it here and had no friends that her life was over.

Despite the fever, coughing  and vomiting Sophie was able to fight off whatever was making her sick in a span of four days without having to rush her to the doctor or hospital and making it another week without having to put her on more meds.

That my husband is really happy at his new job.

The our initial IEP meeting to transfer to NC went great and I felt so at peace when I left the meeting.

That I was able to get therapy evals for in-home therapy scheduled despite the fact that they don’t do in-home therapy after the age of three. People are so caring here and since Sophie is so medically delicate they agreed to work with her at home.

The hubby got me a laptop so I have access to do more stuff for me even when I am busy with the babies. Never having time to sit at the computer is frustrating and I’m loving that he is trying to give a little more to make me happy.

Talking to my BFF’s Jacqui and Glenna even if just a short conversation it’s always enough.

And finally that school is starting for the other three kids in two weeks! Yes, I’m ready for school to start being at home with seven kids all day everyday becomes exhausting

What made you happy this week?


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