I have recently noticed Sophie’s comprehension is really coming along. She is learning there is no doubt! I can now ask her with key words like DRINK or EAT and if she wants it she will walk over to me excitedly. Communication is still a HUGE challenge, she is vocalizing more but not really putting sounds together or babbling. I know her hearing loss is really going to play a part in making the whole speech process harder. She may be delayed, she may be a baby in the body of a toddler but she is growing and wants to learn and that’s what matters. I am excitedly awaiting the day she is finally ready for a communication device, her IPAD is waiting for her. I long for her to have the ability to communicate, I just want her to be able to communicate whether by physical gestures, signs, communication device or verbally.

With each day that passes you can see she is understanding more and more. Her attention span is at about 2 minutes sometimes if she is really interested it’s a little more. Sophie has a hard time focusing or even with eye contact. Her sensory needs also interfere with this process wanting to swing, jump or bounce throughout the day.  But I am looking forward to having our routine back when the kids start school where it’s not crazy in the house and we could have one on one time as we always do during the school year. Sophie will be receiving PRE-K services at home due to her compromised health so I am also very excited for that.

Our children understand so much more than they are able to communicate if only people would take the time to see this. Lack of ability to communicate does not mean lack of understanding!


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