Dear Mr Singer

I was surfing the internet today and came across an article that literally made my stomach turn. About the view of a famous respected ethical philosopher. I literally felt like throwing up after I read it. Sometimes I wonder why the world is such a heartless and cruel place and I now know it’s because people like this have so much influence. And then we struggle because we are told our children are not normal, if this is considered normal than I would rather be crazy a million times over. So I took it upon myself to send him this email. I know he will most likely never get it or just brush it off his shoulder if he does read it but it sure made me feel better.  
“Mr Singer,
I came across this article that left me horrified. Click her for article
I read that you are a respected ethical philosopher. I have to say I’m not impressed. You claim that individuals with mental disability have no value and that it would be better for society if they did not exist. You compare humans to animals?? So I ask you this? How do you know they are unworthy of life? Who do you think you are claiming to know the value of a life? You have obviously led a lonely and sad existence. I am a mother of a child with special needs, she is not a burden but in fact a blessing. Her life is priceless. She has endless strength and determination to live. More so than the “productive people” in society who do nothing but pop pills and bring misery to everyone else around them. Or those “successful people” that live the high life because they have money and you turn your head and they are overdosing on drugs, raping children or committing murders. Logic? A “man” because that is all you are that tries to educate an already perverse world with more evil. I feel very sorry for you.  
I am a simple human being with common sense. In the short three years of my daughter’s life I have grown intellectually, spiritually and I am a better person than I thought I could ever be. Each life Mr Singer even those that you deem not worthy have a purpose. But you are in fact too ignorant and perverse to see that. The world is the way it is because of ignorant people like you.” 
And as a society we wonder why our children are cold, disrespectful, heartless, selfish and arrogant. Being a human being if you’re not perfect has no value according to this sad sorry excuse of a man so I guess no one has value because perfection does not exist. So when you wonder why human beings are acting like animals devouring each other with hatred and evil let it be clear they are being taught and guided by ignorant idiot’s like this!

One thought on “Dear Mr Singer

  1. My Rivers Ride

    It is very sad that someone ” so looked up to for life advice” can be that way. I wouldn’t change my daughter for anybody or anything in the world I would not change her. If she didn’t come into my life when she did I wouldn’t know if I would still be here today. She has taught so much to so many and she doesn’t know it. My daughter is my hero and I still have much to learn from her! That being said she is VERY worthy of life and VERY valuable! She loves unconditionally, enjoys the little things in life, loves to laugh and have happy people around her plus so much more! How much better can you get? Charity and many more families have been blessed to have such a great child in our lives!


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