When I least expect it

Sophie has a way of surprising me and doing new things when I’m least expecting it. Cognitively she is understanding so much and trying to include herself in anything and everything going on in her surroundings. Today she walked over to her brother Tristan who was sitting on the floor in his chair with me in the kitchen eating a bowl of sliced nectarines, she then swiped a piece and put it in her mouth, good thing it fell out or she could have choked. She is still on purred food because of the aspirating and choking. So I took a piece and mashed it and she excitedly opened her mouth. While I was mashing up more for her she took the spoon brought it up to her mouth and tried to eat from it, when she realized she was not able to remove the fruit from the spoon she held it upward in order to use her lip to wipe the food off. I was so so so excited! This is the child who started using her hands late in the game at around a year old and other than her strings and socks will not hold anything steady in her hand without throwing it for more than about five seconds. I tried to video tape it but  the camera was acting up. I was bummed, she did it a few times and when I finally got the camera working she lost interest and walked away. Oh and it seems she is a lefty after all.

She spent the day consistently looking for my attention to interact  with her. Her wants are different now though, she likes for me to sit and watch TV with her or go into the play room to play with her toys. And as soon as I turn on the radio in the kitchen to cook she is right there happy as can be, she absolutely loves music. I’ve been so busy and overwhelmed I have not taken the time to sit down and enjoy her for quite some time. Now that school is starting for the other kids we will get back to our routine.

After dinner we were working on sounds and then I started counting her toes which she thinks is hysterical and when I reach five I give her a little tickle at the bottom of her feet and she laughs hysterically. After the first foot she clapped and then proceeded to sign “more” which she does occasionally but not consistent. So when I asked her “do you want more?” she got excited and signed it again but I had not realized that her fists were closed and her thumbs were out. Both times she signed more she did this, it was different than how it has been. I of course felt so much happiness I could not hold back the tears. She is learning her signs and I can tell they are different. In the past when she signed “more”, “all done” or when she clapped it was all pretty much the same. Now it’s changing, she is paying more attention and is more interested in what’s going on around her as opposed to being so isolated all the time. She still likes to be alone and is happy playing alone but I see her opening up so much more socially. She has even lost a bit of interest in her videos and is more interested in music, especially Michael Jackson but will take spending the day outside before anyhting. She is a little fish and tomboy.

Sophie is my shining star! Always there to show me that she is learning, at her own pace but she is coming alone nicely.


One thought on “When I least expect it

  1. Life's Unexpected Blessings Post author

    My Rivers Ride
    AUGUST 17, 2012 AT 12:52 PM [EDIT]
    WHERE IS THE LOVE BUTTON?!!!!! I saw the picture and I KNEW this was going to be a great post! I giggled as Tara is now stealing food from others as well. I am so glad to see this and good Job little Miss Sophie! As for the signs I love how they grow and are able to separate the signs from each other but just like speech it all takes time. Little Miss Sophie I can see where you are going and your going to be going far! I enjoy reading your progress but Mom are you ready for what is to come?

    Life’s Unexpected Blessings
    SEPTEMBER 13, 2012 AT 7:58 AM [EDIT]
    I am ready for it and the previews are just making me more excited!


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