Overdue Good-bye’s

I know it’s looong overdue especially since I left Florida 53 days ago but it’s too important for  me to just let slip by, I really want to share! I think about it everyday, I miss them everyday and hope that they will always be a part of our lives even if from a distance. Our goodbye’s are really just see you later’s, and there were alot! But these goodbye’s are very extra special to me. In this new journey I have found many who have accepted Sophie but not truly understood our journey and while I am absolutely grateful for them all there are those who were able to see her just as she is, whole and beautiful. And to those I would like to say thank you! You are more important to me than you could possibly imagine. I have an endless love for you in my heart that will always exist until the end of time. You never know how you will touch another persons life and I have been blessed with many beautiful souls and I feel very honored you are all a part of my life!

To Glenna,      Wow, where do I begin. You knew somehow I would not return to work, you knew somehow without explanation I would need you to survive. You would call me and tell me that God wanted you to call me in those moments when I was alone and feeling desperate . After I was told my child would perish when I felt as if there was no hope and the wall seemed the best place for me to end it all, God guided you to me and your prayers  and love healed my child and me. You have been my guiding light, a true angel and have emanated  pure unconditional love. How could I say good-bye, to someone who although has only been a part of my life for several years knows me and loves me more than those that have known me from birth. To a friend, a sister that has become such a deep part of my existence there are no words that exist to express my love, my gratitude for all that you are to me. May God Bless you always Glenna. Our Lord knew I would not survive without you and I am grateful to him everyday for you! I love you more than you can imagine!

Glenna & Sophie at Sophie’s baptism! BEAUTIFUL!!!

To Jacqui,     My fellow special mom. How much I love you! You are my sister in this life, you helped me when I felt I could not make it through another day. You understood when I had no words to describe my fears, my frustrations and helped me find my way back. You get me! You accept me with all my faults. You know no matter what we can be brutally honest that even through the toughest times we will always be there for each other. You can see past my tough exterior and really know me. We can spend an entire day together and there is no need to say a word because we just know that sometimes silence is what we need to survive. I love you!!

Good Bye BBQ at Jacqui’s

To Bev,     My wonderful neighbor with a heart of Gold! I could never repay you for your kindness, for always being there to hear me fall apart. After Sophie’s diagnosis when my life seemed to be falling apart and I did not even have money to buy my children food like an angel you arrived at my home with a truck full of food expecting nothing in return. When not even my family cared about what we were going through you loved me as if I was your daughter. You are an amazing, special human being. Always doing for others and never taking anything for yourself. May God Bless you for your selflessness. I will always love you, Bev!!


The women in my life, my best friends!

To Kim,      You were there from early one. You were there as we fought to keep her healthy, you witnessed our battle within her little body. You helped me remain grateful to God, you helped me see her through the sickness and were there as I struggled to find the strength to make it through another day. And, while you never knew the significance of your role in  our lives I want you know you will forever me a part of us. Thank you from the depths of my soul for loving my beautiful girl just the way she is.

To Beth & Grisel,      Thank you! For celebrating all of those important moments with me. Even when others did not understand why it was such a big deal for me you did. Thank you for loving my girl unconditionally and accepting her just the way God made her and helping me stay strong! You are true friends and amazing human beings! I love you gals!!

Beth with Sophie and Jaina

Grisel & Sophie

To Jaime,     While our time together was short you should know it was significant! You will never be forgotten, your energy was always so positive and your love so flowing. I feel very blessed to have shared even just a small part of our lives with you.


To Brandi,     While you never knew it you have always been very important to me. From the beginning your love for my children has always been obvious especially for Sophie. Your efforts never went un-noticed. You always made it to see her afer a rough bought with an infection or after each hospitalization you always made time for us in your schedule. Thank you, for always loving Sophie for who she is and truly seeing her. I am very grateful to you for taking the time to be a part of our lives.

Brandi & Sophie

To Mrs Pam,     You had been with us for what seemed like forever. You were real, honest and to helpful  when it came to resources and legalities. You cared for my entire family always, finding ways to help when I was in need and all because you just wanted to help. You are an amazing human being, teacher and genuine person.

Most of the time we take what we have for granted. Taking some time to absorb the many wonderful, supportive and loving people I have in my life really helps me appreciate life so much more. I love you all and thank you for being such amazing family, friends, therapists and companions in my journey. I love you all and you ALL ROCK!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Overdue Good-bye’s

  1. Glenna Jones

    Thanks Charity! I love you so much, and I am grateful that God brought us together forever.. Love you always, Glenna


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