Shake for “no”

I have been working on simple gestures and sign’s with Sophie lately to help her communicate better. She knows alot of signs (ASL) but it not able actually do them.   Today after eating some noodles which are the only solids she tolerates without choking she communicated with me without a sound. I started her back on the thick it because she has been aspirating alot lately so after her noodles I gave her some milk. She took a few sips and then after realizing it was thickened she brought her hand up and signed “all done”. I once again offered her the cup of milk and asked “do you want more” and she pushed the cup away and shook her head “no” than smiled.

Have I told you this child is my shining star! Emily my teenager saw the whole thing and was so proud of Sophie, she was so excited and could not stop talking about it. It just made that moment so much more powerful. I am a proud momma but when I see my other children fill with joy at the sight of a new milestone or accomplishment well that just fills my heart with so much love. They say siblings of children with special needs are kinder and more compassionate human beings and I belive it. Our special children remind us all of the simplicities of life and the beauty hidden behind it all.

Dare I say she shook for “no”. You betcha!


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