So you don’t like my blog…

I love to write, I always have. When I was younger I kept a journal or diary if you may, which helped me through alot. The ability to look back after traveling a difficult road to truly see how far you have come is very good for the soul. I am not the greatest writer but I write from the heart, I am honest and true to myself. I do not pretend to be perfect nor will I ever, I am flawed in many ways but those flaws are a part of who I am.

This blog is like my public journal, it helps me get through difficult times, reach out to others and share my challenges and triumphs. It’s a wonderful way to document my life’s journey.

I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now and I absolutely love it. I look forward to it and really enjoy my writing. I am by no means a journalist or professional writer but I am very proud of my blog. I do not have an enormous audience of followers and that’s not a big deal to me.  While there is a sense of accomplishment with a growing audience that is not my focus here. My focus here is community.

In the beginning when I first started to blog I really cared about how many readers would frequent my blog and the fact that I rarely got alot of comments, it would make me feeling un-accomplished at times. Over time though I have realized it’s not the number of comments or readers but about those readers who enjoy my blog and can relate and or appreciate it. It’s about quality not quantity.

I have a list of blog’s I love and follow and I have come across blog’s that are just not my style, when that happens I just move on. I have read comments on other blogs that have left me realizing there are alot of critical people who can be mean and insulting. SInce I began blogging I had only received one negative and insulting comment until this past week. I received a private message where this unnamed person proceeded to tell me that ” I need to learn to write. That my posts made no sense and that I should find something more productive to do with my time than waste my reader’s time.”

So my only response to this message is very simple. If you don’t like my blog, than don’t read it!

I am not angry or upset. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and so if you come across my blog and do not care for it than by all means keep looking for one you do like. But do not assume every writer out there needs to please your likes to be a successful blogger.


18 thoughts on “So you don’t like my blog…

  1. Janet

    Love your blog and I think that person was very rude and should keep their opinions to themselves and move on to another if it bothers them so badly.

  2. AnnMarie

    It always amazes me when people feel the need to take the time to write a nasty comment. The wonderful thing about the freedoms we have is that no one has a gun to anyone’s head making them read anything on the internet. You said it so simply…don’t like? DON’T READ! I, for one, enjoy immensely! I don’t get to comment as often as I like because I read you from my phone but I am still reading! I think you are a wonderful writer and so do many others so ignore that person.

  3. Jeanne Chavez

    I love your blogs also! You touch my heart and I feel for you in so many ways. Sometimes you echo my daughter’s issues. You two have many of the same issues with your daughters. Please keep up the great work and express yourself any way you feel. If people don’t like your grammer or your innermost thoughts then like you said, they can just close the window and not read your blog. I am sure that writing about your fears and accomplishments can be very liberating. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kimberly

    Very well said! If someone doesn’t like it, they don’t have to read it. Keep on writing though, you’re doing a great job!

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