Appointment procedures

I’ve been a resident of North Carolina almost three months and so far it’s been a great change for us. I was worried about finding good doctors to take over Sophie’s care but I was lucky to find a really great pediatrician who is very proactive in working with me to keep her healthy. The other eight specialists have been a challenge to schedule as there are no local specialists. I have to travel to UNC which is an hour and forty-five minutes away. I have to get all the kids on the bus and be back home in time to get them off and I have had no luck in UNC’s scheduling department. It seems the only times they have available just won’t work for me.

In Florida when I needed to see a specialist there were plenty locally and I would be given a referral to set up the appointment and give to them once we arrived. Here it does not work that way and I don’t like it. Here the doctor sends the referral over to the specialist and they call you back with an appointment. How that makes any sense is beyond me, I just cannot comprehend how you would schedule someone an appointment without checking with them to see if they are able to make the specific time slot. One of these appointments I received via mail a month after the doctor sent out the referral and when I called to reschedule they moved the appointment to almost two months out.

I knew that moving to this area would demand more driving distance for specialist but I never thought it would be so frustrating to try to set up an appointment at a time that I could actually make. I thought it would be  pretty simple. The last bus comes at 7:30am so if I could I could hit the road as soon as the last bus was off to school it would give me a good two hours drive time. That is I would need to get and appointment between 9:30-10:00am this would give me a good two hours for the appointment and I should make it back to the bus stop in time to get the kids home. But, no one has morning slots open on the days I need how wonderful, right! NOT!!! And I cannot allow the kids to skip school not to mention I babysit two other children. I cannot go to an appointment with Sophie and five other kids, I won’t survive!

As much as I like it here I am really hating the appointment procedures!!!


3 thoughts on “Appointment procedures

  1. My Rivers Ride

    I am coming into that issue as well. Another part of my state there are specialists everywhere. Being up north just doesn’t cut it. However I really LOVE the small town country style of living. So I will be driving Monday 2.5- 3 hours 1 way to take Tara to her specialists. I do not have child care option either. Unfortunately I have to pull Jonny out of school. Let me remind you though I would not have to go to the specialists if the school would do what they are to do. They don’t think she needs her AFO’s. I have also found that if an appointment doesn’t work they tend to do that as well. Would it change once you are “established” with them? It will work out hang in there!


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