Real life with a teenager

Having teenagers has to be the hardest part of parenthood. I now understand how some animals eat their young, just kidding! But seriously it’s HARD. You think the sleepless nights and screaming babies are tough? Yeah so did until that screaming baby turned into a teenager. Terrible toddlers have nothing on the “Terrifying TEENS”!!

It’s like overnight they completely change into a stranger and then they are back to themselves in a heart beat. Maybe it’s the surging hormones or sense of entitlement that society makes them think they have. Wake up call, the world owes you nothing! My kids used to understand that you must work hard in order to earn the things you want in life but what they see in the public they think they deserve what ever they want just because. Yeah, NOT!!!

And what’s up with wanting all name brand clothes, seriously I was lucky to get new clothes at all. My wardrobe was supplied by goodwill or hand me downs not Nike and Polo. Sheesh!! I feel like I have walked into the twilight zone sometimes. Don’t get me wrong my kids are great overall but there are moments where I wonder if they really are mine.

Two days ago Emily arrives from school and begins her recount of her entire day (something I do with all my kids) when she tells me

Emily: “Mom, starting next week on Monday I’m staying for soccer practice and you have to pick me up at 5:30” 

Me: “Well, you know Monday’s Ariana has therapy from 5-5:45pm so your brother has to come home to babysit and I will pick you up after which means you will have to wait until I get back”

Emily: crying & screaming hysterically “WHAT!!!! That’s not fair, I don’t want to wait! Forget it, I’m not going! I never have anything to do and you want to take this from me!! I never ask for anything” (an absolute lie) 

Me: “I thought you said you were giving sports a break in high school?”

Emily: “No, there’s nothing to do here I want to play soccer” still crying and screaming

Me: “Ok, so you think it’s fair that I cancel Ariana’s therapy because you don’t want to wait until I can pick you up from school?”

Emily: “Whatever you never do anything for me!” scream, cry, more screaming and crying  

I live out of the city so it takes me a good 40 minutes each way to and from therapy and for goodness sakes I am only one person. So the argument when on for a good 15 minutes where I had to remind my absolutely delusional daughter that I buy her stuff constantly and all she does is ask. She cannot keep her room clean or manage to do any of her chores without me nagging her for three hours. I get no help with the laundry, she loves to cook but refuses to clean her messes and lives on her iPod or watching TV all day. Oh let’s not forget complaining and fighting with her brothers. As I reminded her that when I was a child we helped out around the house no matter what and that this stigma society has about “Mom does all the house work and sibling don’t have to help because they are not the parent” is BULLSHIT!

So I ended up sobbing uncontrollably. Mind you, I had already been having a rough few weeks myself so I went to my room called my husband and vented to him while I cried hard. I then pulled myself  together and returned to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner and did not utter one word. She apologized a while later like this…

Emily:Mom, I’m sorry. I was mad”

Me: “Yeah, remember the world does not revolve around you. I hope you realize how you treat me is wrong. Imagine how life would be without me, don’t take for granted the time you have with me.”

This is just one of my daily drama’s! The fighting has to be one of the worst. My eldest has become so lazy and disrespectful at times I feel like I don’t know him. He complains about having nothing to do but does not listen to any of my suggestions.

I guess it gets to me so much because I feel like they should know better. I know I have taught them better and they try to make me feel bad to guilt me into getting what they want, but see I have nothing to feel guilty about. I won’t let them use the attention Sophie’s daily routine requires because I would have done the same for any of them and in the end I make time for all of them. Neither of them are deprived of food, shelter, clothing attention or love.

Living with teenagers is exhausting!


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