September 2012 Update

Sophie developed an ear and sinus infection and I am happy to say for the first time a very looong time the oral antibiotics worked. While there is still a little bit of sinus drainage we got through the worse part without having to make a hospital run. I am hesitant to get my hopes up but it’s a big step in the right  direction. I will never lose faith that her health will one day improve.

I am also happy to report that Sophie officially weighs 26lbs! I never thought I would see this day so soon, I’m still in shock! It must be all the oatmeal and mac n cheese she is eating (puree of course).

After getting an old school simple rocking horse Sophie is using her thumb so much more since she had to learn to grip the handles, the correct way I might add. A big encourager for correct thumb placement.

She is really so much more aware of her surroundings picking up on so much. Just yesterday she signed “more” while working with her ST and also signed “all done” when she had enough lunch without being asked or prompted. Her attention span is slowly getting better and she is enjoying her interaction time with her new teacher and therapists. I could not ask for more right now!

When I look back to where she began and what she has had to overcome I feel so very blessed she is a part of me. Sophie’s determination is amazing and her spirit, well there are just no words to describe her. I am proud to be her mother just as she is!


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