Gabriel is 12

It really is amazing how time escapes us. As I celebrate yet another of my children’s birthday’s it feels almost unreal that they have grown so quickly.

I remember each of my pregnancies, the cravings and the amazing feelings of excitement as I anticipated the arrival of each of them into our family. I remember wondering what they would look like and how that would reshape our family unit. I can remember their births as if it was yesterday with precise details. I’m amazed at how wonderful my children are and am truly grateful for God’s blessings. Yet I am just a little bit saddened that the years have passed me by so quickly.

So when it comes to birthday’s I do the best I can to make it memorable, you’re only a kid once after all. Whether it’s a huge party or small family dinner  it’s the little details they remember, like allowing them to select the menu and picking out the cake they want. And it’s especially awesome when you are able to gift them exactly what they asked for. This year we have aimed for simple old-fashioned parties with outside activities and games, so far they have been a success!

To my now 12-year-old third born young man Gabriel, Happy Birthday!!


BasketBall, Good ole fashion fun!!

Happy Birthday!!


Birthday gifts from Mom & Dad!!


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