Accident Prone

I thought boys and injuries went hand in hand? Well at least that is what I was lead to belive. My oldest son received stitches on an eyebrow and broke one of his front permanent teeth, my third child followed in his brothers footsteps and ended up with stitches in the same place coincidentally. My second and fourth child were lucky to escape injuries and my sixth child fractured his skull at 4 months old and this was the worst I have been through. Well that is without including Sophie’s injuries. This child is attracted to danger, I never knew a child could incur so many injures in such a small time.

When Sophie was seventeen months we put up a four by eight foot gate and created a nice padded play area for her to play. Within a week she learned to sit unassisted and started to crawl; nothing like some freedom to roam to fill a child up with motivation. We were ecstatic! And then, the injuries began. It seemed like she was falling on her toys, the gate, the wall and anything else around her. She bruises very easily and they last a while to heal (just like me) so I always had this bruised child and not just her extremities I mean her head and face were always banged up too.

Thanks to the magnificent glue they use in the ER we escaped stitches. We could barely hold her down for the glue the stitches would have been impossible since she has super human strength, I’m serious! Let’s just say her Pediatrician has always been my second home.

As she became more mobile the injuries became worse. We eventually had to take the padded play area down when she began to cruise to help encourage walking. I cannot tell you how many emergency runs to the doctor I had to make just to make sure she was ok. Bruises and bumps on her head are common because for some reason she is always hitting her head. I say we are lucky she has microcephaly otherwise with the severity of her falls she could have already damaged her brain with the injuries.

She lost one of her top teeth the week she took her first steps from a fall. It took several weeks for her to get back to her acrobatic ways but she did and has not changed other than becoming more dangerous. She is now walking and has begun running but she is very unbalanced, she wabbles all over the place and falls all the time. I’m thankful for carpet and no more tile but even that is not enough to keep her safe from herself. She is now climbing furniture, chairs and tables. I swear she is going to give me a heart attack one of these days.

Last week she ran straight into Tristan and sliced her lip open in two place,s it was horrible there was blood everywhere. She barely escaped stitches this time thanks to my quick thinking and applying pressure to stop the bleeding and by the time we made it to the pediatrician the blood had sealed the cut. Her lip was swollen for five days and the day the swelling finally went down she ran straight into her little brother again. His big ol beautiful hard head happens to be right at the height of her mouth, this time she sliced the inside of her mouth and knocked her other top tooth loose. I thought, not agian?! But the bleeding stopped and all seemed fine until the next day when she jumped on her brother and slammed her face on his head and re-injured the site. After a rush doctors visit we decided she needed to be seen by a dentist just incase. That same day she re-injured the site two more times just to make my heart skip a beat in fear.

I got her into the dentist today and the dentist seems to think it might heal as long as she does not re-injure it. Is that even possible? I really don’t know, she is a danger to herself. The nerve does not seem affected and there is no sign of abcess. If anything changes than we will just have it pulled.  In the meantime the dentist is going to do some research on dental issues with children with CDC to better care for her in the future. I did really like the dentist she was very interested and thorough and even stated she would call the pediatrician to consult on the best method of anesthesia to have on file just incase she needs to use it one day.

Now the waiting game begins and I wonder how I will keep this child free from injury. I already watch her like a hawk and it’s still not enough. I feel like I should not complain because her hyperactivity and determination to play with the other kids is a blessing. But it is very draining and nerve wrecking for me.

Dr. B our current pediatrician laughed the last visit off after seeing her two weeks in a row for injuries and told me it’s really great to see her so active despite all the challenges she has to face. That was very comforting. I did warn the practice when I first met them that Sophie would be a very familiar face and liked to visit frequently. So far I have been true to my word. In the four months we’ve lived here we have already had more than ten visits for Sophie alone. Crazy, right?!

What can I say my child is just accident prone!


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