Halloween 2012

Our first Halloween in North Carolina was bittersweet. I missed my yearly Costume party  and all my friends in Florida. I really do not have but two friends here and I want a full house for a costume party. I love holidays and Halloween has always been one of my favorites.

This year I even lost my motivation to dress up as I always did to take the kids trick or treating. I did muster up the spirit to make the costumes because I just refuse to spend a fortune on something they would wear one time. The  costumes turned out great so I decided I would make the costumes every year from here on out.

I was disappointed in the amount of people participating here, very few and by eight the streets were almost completely bare. In Florida the streets were always full of trick or treaters and they stay out a bit later. Next year we will just have to visit a different area to take the kids to trick or treat.

Sophie and Ariana~ Witch Princesses

Tristan Scarecrow

Elyas Scarecrow

My kiddos!

My kiddos with neighbors..

At house #2 and she decided this trick or treat thing was not for her!


Sophie decided she wanted to ride in style…..

My little scarecrow was all tuckered out almost immediately thank goodness daddy was there to keep him warm.

Tired and ready for bed….And I’m not even a kid!

I absolutely love the fall weather here, it was in the 50’s and it was nice not to get home all sticky from the heat for once.  All in all I would say it was a successful night. The kids had a blast and loved their costumes and that’s really all that matters!

Hope you had a great Halloween holiday!





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