What made me happy this week..

I’m linking up with Elastamom’s Excerpts in Happy this week.

Elastamom’s Excerpts

What made me happy this week?

To know my daughter will never be turned away from the Pediatrician no matter how busy they are and no matter how many times in a week I have to rush her over there. Feeling a sense of comfort when I call in for yet another injury and knowing they will tell me to bring her in right away. That makes me very happy and made me very happy this week!

Having the dentist tell me Sophie’s tooth may not need to be pulled as it seems to be healing and there was no visible nerve damage or abscess. And considering her primary source of nutrition is Pediasure and it’s loaded with sugars her teeth look great over all. I’m still getting used to the one-missing tooth look I was not sure how ready I was for her to lose her other front tooth.

Seeing my kids happy and involved in school and making friends because let’s face it a move is hard for everyone but especially a 700 mile move. While they still have their tough moments they seem to be adjusting smoothly to our new and very different community.

Halloween and seeing my kids enjoy themselves! They loved their costumes and had a great time trick or treating with friends.

I am thankful for an AWESOME IEP meeting! (more to come on that)

And finally, that today is Friday! Because I’m physically and mentally drained and in desperate need of a pajama movie veg-out day which is planned for tomorrow.

So, what made you happy this week?


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