What’s with the poop?

You must be wondering why I am posting about poop once again but my daily reality sees plenty of it. I’ve shared with you about my little poopster and his adventurous poop explosions with the worst timing possible if you’re not familiar with him you can check out what I mean here “My little Poopster”.

Sophie suffers from severe constipation and needs something to help soften her stools daily and her stools stink really bad. Not just poopy stinky I mean it’s a tough odor to get rid of and it’s been that way since I stopped breast-feeding her. The problem however is her new-found obsession with sticking her hands down her diaper each time she poops and then proceeds to smear it everywhere and I mean any and every surface she comes across including other people. So it ends in a bath but not even that can get rid of the odor the poop leaves on her hands, it’s exhausting and becoming more and more frequent. I have tried and tried different soaps and hand sanitizer and ultimately head and shoulders shampoo is the only thing that will wash the stench away and sometimes it cannot get rid of all of it. This week so far I have counted eight times and I’m tired of it already. Not only do I have to wash her but then I have to go back and scrub all the surfaces she touched and hope I don’t miss anything.

Since she cannot tell us she has made a poopy diaper I am constantly checking her but it’s usually the smell that gives it away, even if it’s a tiny pebble you can smell it across the room. She has always had a habit of scratching her behind just where it meets her lower back, it’s more of a sensory thing but now she goes straight for the poop and let me tell you she is faster than lightning.

I just don’t understand what is with the damn poop, I mean seriously! This past weekend we had a bad poop incident and I just started laughing, I laughed so hard I fell to my knees. My family thought I had lost my mind, tI was laughing while they were all running around screaming for paper towels, lysol and bleach but all I could do was laugh. Better laugh than cry, at least that’s how I saw it. Learning to adjust to something like this is not for the weak, it’s exhausting and makes me sad to think this may possibly be our normal for a long time. I can only try my bes to break her from this habit and hope that it will get better in the future.

I don’t want to have to clean up more shit than I already do. I know she knows she is not supposed to do it, you can tell by her immediate reaction when someone sees her. I just don’t understand what’s with the damn poop! I have been using overalls to try to stop this and she’s figured out how to slide her hand in through the sides to get into her diaper, she’s a smart little cookie this little girl of mine. I can only hope she will grow out of this gross habit for both our sakes.


5 thoughts on “What’s with the poop?

  1. My Rivers Ride

    BAAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAA Charity I have been there and done that! So she found out that she doesn’t like the smell or the feel in her diaper. GOOD FOR HER!! However yes we get the dirty jobs of cleaning it all up! I personally LOVE these stories and hope to read more! Yeah I know I am gross but been there done that and we look back and laugh! Make sure you get pictures to go with the stories they are much more believable when you tell others! I have a sick sense of humor I guess. How else to deal with the things we deal with. If I remember right you were hoping that you wouldn’t have to hit this milestone?! Well you have so my suggestion would be to see if you can catch her grunting, pushing, or hands between her backside and her diaper, hiding and anything else for a “CLUE” for when she has to go #2. Run her into the bathroom and see if she will go on the pot. It does get better! Tara will not go poop in her diaper anymore she will hold it till she can get to a toilet. Tara got sneaky about going poo. She found that she could get to her room and go there. Yeah not fun thing to step in first thing in the morning! As for the stench well febreeze works, lysol, and the germx helps (that is what we used). check her nails REALLY good as that is where the stink likes to hang out. Tara made a HUGE mess in 15 minutes! She had her bed plastered, walls, floor, her face covered like I had put camo face paint on her and the only thing you could see were her eyeballs, and her lips. Oh yeah teeth is yet another good spot where stink likes to hang out! PUKE! So when Tara licks a door knob or floor or other things I KNOW she had way worse in her mouth! Just be ware if it hasn’t gotten there yet! Hang in there Mom and yes Laugh about it!

  2. AnnMarie

    Oh, my…Charity…that sucks. You hit the nail on the head about stuff like this. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. When T was in the ER with constipation, I wanted to cry and I knew he did, too but I leaned over and whispered, “I always knew you were full of crap” and we both busted out laughing. With CF, I don’t have this issue but I do have the issue of poop being at the forefront of conversations. And CF poop smells really, really bad.

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