Gearing up for the holidays

In the past we would put up our Christmas decorations around the second week of November, I used to love the holidays before life ran me over with a bulldozer.  Now it’s different, it’s quieter and seems more distant to me. The last few years I have been more excited to see them end than I have been awaiting their arrival. Maybe it’s the financial aspect, I miss being able to shop for things without having to budget every single penny but those days are long gone. Not that I used to spend a fortune but it was nice to be able to give my kids what they asked for. Now I tell them Santa is on a budget, the economy is struggling so please consider their requests wisely. Mind you I have three older kids who think I’m a millionaire, can I have an IPOD or IPAD for Christmas? What?! Excuse me, have I won the lotto in the last twenty-four hours? Yeah, NO. Don’t think so.

But with the move and trying to start over I thought I would do my best with attempting to get back into the holiday spirit. When we moved we had to leave behind some stuff which included all of our christmas decorations because we just could not fit it all in our over stuffed 26ft moving truck. Having to buy new decorations just means we have to take it slow this holiday season. We considered getting a real Christmas tree but I thought it would not be the best choice for us with two toddlers. So we opted for a pre-lit tree, I saw one I absolutely loved so the hubby wanted me to have it. We got a few decorations to put on it, all plastic of course and we decorated it. It was fun. The kids had a good time, Ariana raved about how she never got to decorate a tree like this before and I just enjoyed taking pictures of the kids having fun. The tree looks beautiful and while it took me a week to post this, better late than never!

Sophie & Tristan helping with the Christmas Tree

Elyas, Ariana &Tristan decorating the Christmas tree



Emily & Gabriel decorating the Christmas tree

2012 DeLeon Christmas Tree!




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