Standing my ground

Today of all days was supposed to be a wonderful day as we prep for Sophie’s Make a Wish trip in 7 days. But it has been a hard day, a day of tears and heartache as I realize I have lost someone who I thought would walk next to me for the rest of my life. And all because of lies.

When it comes to my kids I will travel to the ends of the earth to do what is right for them, they are my life. Yes, they can drive me insane, make me wonder if I am cut out for this mom thing but at the end of the day I love them more than life itself and I know they are the best accomplishment of my life.

I will also do the right thing if they do something wrong, for instance: my son quit the basketball team because he did not make the team he wanted and then turned around and talked to the coach to reinstate him after he got off his high horse. I was fine with it until I found out they had already promised that space to someone else, that’ s when I had a mom talk with him. You know the one with the mean voice, lecture and all and I expressed how disappointed I was that he would do that to someone. I told him to turn the tables, to think about what it would feel like if he would be pulled from the team because some selfish kid did what he had done. Treat others as you want to be treated, right? It took a good twenty-four hours but after he thought about it and realized what he was doing was selfish and wrong he told the coach that he was being selfish and could not be responsible for doing that to someone. Yeah, I’m mean like that but he learned his lesson and made the right decision in the end.

My kids especially my teens tell me everything, I mean everything and I am one of those stalker moms that read there kids messages and have passwords to all there social media apps. Screw privacy, you’re a child! There has been an issue arising with someone close but I tried to keep my distance and gave some guidance and hoped these kids would resolve it. I had hoped.

Today it all fell through when accusations against my son were made. I stood my ground despite my love for this family because I know the truth, because I have copies of all the interactions and read all the content. Because I was not judging but in fact appalled that someone you love could treat you in a way that can easily destroy your life.

The tough part was he begged me not to get involved because he knew he did nothing wrong but I could not help it, I am his mother. In the end I stood by my child because I stood by the truth. I lost someone very dear and important to me because they refused to see the facts. In the end I did what I felt was right in my heart, I tried, I reached out. I tried to fix it with no resolve. I shared the proof, I did what was right. I don’t judge as I am not perfect but no one and I mean NO ONE has the right to make dangerous accusations unless you have proof. It’s about integrity, responsibility and truth and trust.

I’m saddened it has to come to this but I get it. I get how someone can be blinded by love especially the love of a child but I hope the veil is lifted and the truth can be seen before more lives are affected.

I will have one more empty seat at my table but I know I have protected my child. And he knows that I know who he is or what he is capable of. If there is one thing I can say with certainty is that I have amazing honest kids. The world is a scary place, especially when you have young people out there making rash, unjust decisions because they cannot deal with what’s going on in there lives.

Always stand your ground and do what’s right. In the end there’s a circle of life and it will circle back to you.




12 thoughts on “Standing my ground

  1. june palma

    Wow… Everything you said is true. You certainly know how to write! I
    Wish that I could be as strong as you are. Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. Life's Unexpected Blessings Post author

      You must first understand the circumstances of the situation. And lifting a veil, is a metaphore. A metaphore for various things, truth being one of them. Metaphores are subject to interpretation. We must think before we speak and especially if we are going to make accusations that can be taken out of context and could affect someones life in a very negative way.

      1. Anonymous

        A metaphor about how a parents love for their child needs to be taken away or else it will ruin other people’s lives? That seems very cruel for a mother of 7 to say about another ones child. How would you of felt if you and that mother had been in opposite positions and they had said that your love for your child needs to be taken away or your child will ruin more lives. It’s a child, they have not mentally developed completely until 18.

    2. Life's Unexpected Blessings Post author


      I am not going to have a debate with you about my views. You are not understanding what that paragraph means. Whether our children are 18 or not there comes a time when right and wrong should be a familiar concept. Not every parent can see past the “perfect child” they want to have. No child is perfect we all have flaws but it’s the lessons we teach them that matter. When my children do something wrong I do not dismiss it nor do I try to blame someone else.

      If you believe me to be cruel than that is your opinion and you are in your right to have it. I will not justify my feelings because someone does not agree. I am not understand why this seems to bother you so when you have no information as to what promted this post.


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