Her two front teeth

Just weeks shy of the one year anniversary of when Sophie lost her first front tooth after taking her first steps, Two and Toothless she could not help but end this year missing both of her top front teeth.

Several weeks ago Sophie injured her top front tooth after running head on into her younger brothers head, as if that was not bad enough the following day she re-injured it three more times. That landed us with a visit to her doctor where she advised us to visit the dentist because the tooth was very loose. I was lucky I was able to get her in to see the dentist the following day. I traveled almost an hour to get there since this was the only location of the six offices where they were able to fit me but I am grateful because I really liked the dentist. She was great with Sophie and was going to do some research on CDC to better prepare to care for Sophie. She decided it would be best to allow the tooth heal so we returned weeks later to recheck it on Monday 11/19. The tooth had been healing nicely, still mildly loose but not like it was when it first happened.

I was happy but it was challenging to keep her from injury all those weeks, pretty draining. Just before we could sing victory just days after her recheck visit and just when we thought we were in the clear she re-injured the same tooth. While chewing on the computer table she bite down so hard that her mouth slid off the edge of the table, her head bounced back and she slammed her mouth right into the edge again. This time she knocked the tooth loose and outward, it was a mess.

You could immediately see her change in behaviour, she was very uncomfortable and began to refuse to eat. The following day (Saturday), I noticed she had an abscess right behind the tooth and that the tooth had begun to push it self out. After calling the emergency line the dentist on call was able to call in some antibiotics and told me to call the office on Monday to get her in asap.

When we woke up on Sunday the tooth was more than halfway out, she was still uncomfortable and refusing to eat, I had hoped it would just fall out on its own but life can never be that simple for me.

On Monday I called the dentist as soon as they opened, I was pissed when they told me that had no availability at the local office. I waited on hold for 56 minutes while they checked the other locations. I was disconnected once and when I called back they informed me the only time they had available was 2pm and I already had another appointment at that time. I tried to explain how complicated it all was but they insisted they could not fit her in anywhere else. I became so upset I started to cry, I called the pediatricians office so they could recommend another dentist that works well with children with special needs and that’s when the Donna, office manager told me should was going to make a call and get back to me. And she did, and I headed directly to another office where Sophie was seen by another pediatric dentist who took the tooth out, thankfully, with no complication and the abscess was healing. This morning Donna called me to check in and make sure everything turned out fine and to see how I was treated. It really helps this whole adjusting process when you have a team that cares around you.

Sophie is now missing her two front teeth! Have I tried to get a pic to post? Absolutely, but she refuses to cooperate! I hope she keeps the dangerous excitement down to a minimum at least for a few weeks as I recover once again.


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