Orthopedic Update

I had Sophie evaluated for possible scoliosis and hip clicking almost two years ago, the doctor assured me there was nothing wrong and so I did not request a copy of the reports. All the reports would be sent to her pediatricians office and scanned into her record file so I knew I would have access if I needed it.

Several months ago as I re-organized the over four hundred pages of Sophie’s medical records I came across the results for the x-rays of her spine. I felt sick to my stomach when I realized the doctor had lied to me, she did have mild scoliosis and he assured me she did not. He was not a very nice doctor to begin with, he was alot older than I expected and he seemed distant. I was not pleased but he was from the Miami Childrens Hospital so I thought I would be getting a great doctor. Scoliosis is common in individuals with CDC so I just wanted to make sure Sophie did not need to be followed for it. I like to be prepared, I hate medical complications and I really don’t need to add more stress to my life.

Today we followed up with a local orthopedic because I wanted a second opinion. We met with the new doctor who also happened to be  older but he was very engaged and thorough. He took his time checked her spine, hips, legs, arms and watched her walk with and without shoes. He did see a mild curve just by looking and feeling her spine without x-rays but he said it’s nothing to be worried about now. He had more x-rays performed of her hips and ruled out the need for orthodics. He said her issues with walking are all balance related. I was happy, he wants to follow-up every six months to monitor her overall progress. He knew what CDC was but really did not give it alot of conversation and I have to say I really appreciated that, he just focused on Sophie and taking care of her with out all the labels or attachments. It was much appreciated and so far my third doctor here in NC to see her and not the syndrome. It’s a nice feeling.

I also have to say I really like the set up of the specialists here. They are set up like clinics with scan and x-ray machines right at the location and instead of sending you out to a diagnostic center and then have you go back for another appointment they do it all while you wait. For me that is a plus, it’s not easy to go from place to place with two toddlers. And the diagnostic center here does it all in one place too, blood work and scans. In Florida they all had to be done at different locations.  I was brave today and I even allowed the nurse to take Sophie for her x-ray without me while I stayed in the room with Tristan, and she did great.

Even though I know she does have the scoliosis at least I’m prepared. And the hip clicking well, it’s not anything to do with her pelvic or hips. It helps set my mind at ease that for now we have it under control.



4 thoughts on “Orthopedic Update

  1. My Rivers Ride

    Tara had clicking in her hips in 2005. She was to go through a horrible surgery and in short redo both her legs and shave her hips to “fix” it. I couldnt put her through that surgery at such a young age when she just started walking. So I took her back to get re checked and the first dr had retired. So a new one came in. She does have to have the surgery to fix her shin bone and her ankles. Nothing to do with her hips and her thigh bones. As Tara grew she grew and filled in the areas. I am glad that I waited so long to have her rechecked as now not so invasive. Always get a 2nd opinion. I am sorry that happened to you. I have learned from experience that we can’t always trust drs.

  2. Tommie

    I just wanted to say that when it comes to balance, I cannot recommend gymnastics enough. Olivia tripped ALL.THE.TIME before I put her in gymnastics. And every time she tripped, she landed on her face. It was awful. After just one season (eight months) of gymnastics, she no longer lands on her face. She catches herself when she falls and the best part? The falls happen so much less! Just a thought for you and your sweet girl.

  3. Kimberly

    I’m glad that you were comfortable with this doctor and they saw her for her, not the labels. I’m sure that helps so much.

    Glad you have some answers and are able to have it under some control now.


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