Emily, my wonderful daughter got her nose pierced today. While many would never believe it, I have my nose and belly pierced, I also have tattoos and plan to have some completed and add more to my collection. Emily recently turned fourteen years old, yes…I know she is very young. But she is also very incredibly responsible and still in all senses of the number fourteen years old.

She is very mature when it comes to helping me with the other kids especially the little ones. She is amazing with Sophie, no wonder Sophie loves her so much. And while she is a teenager and argues about everything and has an attitude most of the time she is a good kid. Great grades in school, talks to me about everything, literally and totally into herself and loves shoes and clothes. Not interested in boys (THANK GOD) well, at least not for now. She is focused solely on herself which I love and she can be a bit high on herself but I’ll take it.

I had initially told her she could get a piercing at sixteen but as time has passed I have realized she deserves to have the opportunity to express herself. I am a little over bearing and controlling with what she wears and what she is not allowed to wear and she does not fight me on that. She has no desire to grow up too fast, thankful yet again but I also want to allow her the ability to express herself. As long as she does it for herself that’s what matters.

I did not get my nose pierced until I was twenty-one, my husband thought it was not lady like so I went one day and had it done without him knowing and guess what? He liked it and never brought it up again, now it’s just a part of me and most people don’t even notice it sometimes for years. The tattoos took a couple more years before I could convince him but guess who ended up with some ink too? If you guessed him your absolutely right.

I will not allow my boys to get earings although my husband has them but he was well into his thirties when he got them, I told my boys they have to wait to be eighteen, I feel it’s different  for boys as they take a little longer to reach maturity. Tattoos, well they have to be adults for that and I encourage them not to make rash decisions until they are at least twenty-one and have really had a chance to think it through. It’s permanent after all.

But, I’m happy for Emily. She lit up when she looked at herself right after she got the piercing, I love to see her so happy! And somehow it just fit’s her like the way it fits me, she is after all my daughter. I don’t like the stereo types, just because you have some piercings and tattoos your dangerous or a party animal. Not true, I bet most of you would have never thought I had bling and ink. It happens all the time people are shocked when they notice that about me as if I’m going to turn into a different person all of a sudden because I have some sparkle on my nose or a pretty picture on my shoulder. Sorry, it’s still little old me. Piercings and tattoos are a form of self-expression, not much more than that.



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