Sophie’s Make-A-Wish Day1

I have been on an emotional rollercoaster lately,  just the thought of what this trip signifies is like feeling my heart breaking over and over again; I find it so hard to hold back the tears at the mere thought of it all. I really hope I can hold it together without breaking down. And I hope I can handle the stares this week, the airport alone made me want to scream “What the hell are you staring at!”.

And the day has arrived, the long-awaited day where my family will get to celebrate a wish granted to our beloved Sophie by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The children have been ecstatic; I have been stressed to the brink as we counted down the final month, weeks and days to this much-anticipated event.

I received any our travel information three days prior to our departure date and I was really struggling to understand why it was left to the last-minute when this date had been decided months in advance. Communication with the wish coordinator did not leave much to be desired, it was as if she just did not care and I was bothering her.

We woke up at 5:30am, boarded out travel bus and headed to the airport almost two hours away from our home. We had  to take connecting flights which would have been fine if  it had not included the 5 hour layover between the connecting flights. Being stuck in an airport with seven kids is like trying to tame wild animals. They were bored, hungry and anxious; not to mention a bazillion people crowded around us it made me very stressed and Sophie very irritable. This whole process was supposed to be easy according to the wish coordinator but the process leading up to the actual trip was not. On several occasions I expressed to the coordinator the importance of keeping it simple because Sophie has many triggers and I wanted to try to avoid a meltdown but it felt like no one was listening.

We arrived safely at the airport and were welcomed by the sweetest man who guided us to our vehicle rental and sent us on our way to “Give Kids the World Village” where we were greeted by one of the volunteers who had a small gift for each of the kids and were taken to our two bedroom villa. We actually have two two-bedroom villas with a connecting room between them, it ROCKS! There are plenty of beds, four bathrooms and plenty of space. We ordered dinner since it was almost 9pm by the time we reached our villa and they delivered, so convenient and just what we needed.

I will be ready for day two after a good nights sleep and praying Sophie has a better day tomorrow, she has refused to eat almost the entire day. Bring on day 2!

Ready to go to the airport.

Ready to go to the airport.

Ready to board our bus to the airport.

Ready to board our bus to the airport.

Entertained on the flight.

Entertained on the flight.

Can you say EXHAUSTED!

Can you say EXHAUSTED!

Welcome Sophie!

Welcome Sophie!

Can’t wait to share what tomorrow will bring!


9 thoughts on “Sophie’s Make-A-Wish Day1

  1. Glenna Jones

    So excited for all of you!! Have a fabulous week – you are in my prayers that all your needs will be met. Love you all..:)

  2. queenofchaosmom

    Your first paragraph gets me. It made me tear up for what I know it means. It’s probably the same reason that when we were approached to get the ball rolling for the boys to experience their Make a Wish, I said no and it’s why I constantly wonder if I am being unfair to them. I totally get the emotions of it all. I will keep you guys in my prayers that from this point on, the trip will be a smooth one and that everyone has a blast. And that through it all, the only emotion that you feel is happy. 🙂

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