Sophie’s Make-A-Wish Day3

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On day 3 we were lucky to have yet another beautiful day! We started out with a great breakfast followed by a meet with Jack the service dog than we headed out to Animal Kingdom to spend the day.

Starting out another great day!

Starting out another great day!

Meet with Jack the serivce dog.

Meet with Jack the service dog.

It was another great day! No waiting in lines which really helps save time and enables you to see more of the park.  Today though, it was packed with alot of people! Maybe it’s just coincidence or maybe it’s because I am more aware now but I never realized how many wish children attended the theme parks. Not just from Make-A-Wish but from several organizations that basically provide a wish for individuals with life threatening illnesses or just special needs in particular. It was really great to see so many people truly enjoying the experience.

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

MAWDay3_5 MAWDay3_4


Such a big girl!

Such a big girl!

By the time we made it to Kilimajaro Safari she was all tuckered out! I’m liking these daytime naps, now if only she would do this at home.

All tuckered out!

All tuckered out!

We had lunch in Asia at the Yeti and Yak  cafe, it was so yummy! Sweet and sour chicken in a huge container definitely enough to fill you up for quite sometime. And then we headed to Lion King which has always been my favorite show of all the Disney theme park shows. This one broke me. We sat right upfront and my amazing daughter was thoroughly enjoying the show,  her attention to the show was amazing; her therapists would be proud.


Enjoying the Lion King!

Enjoying the Lion King!

Now this is the part that broke me. At the end of every show they take kids from the audience to participate as they dance around the floats and one of the dancers asked if she could take Sophie, of course I said yes! And so she became a part of the show, they wheeled her around like a princess and she even got to go right up to the float to touch it. I cried, I could not help myself the emotions were too strong. There was a bit of sadness but at the same time I felt so happy to see her participating as all the other kids were. Definitely a bittersweet moment but one I am most grateful for!







 After the Lion King show we headed out to meet the Characters, Sophie loved it and was not scared of any of them. She even kissed one of them on the nose, not sure if it was Minnie or Mickey but I will have to post it once I have all my Disney photos from the Disney photographers. I was not fast enough to catch that with my camera. Precious moment it was even all the people waiting in the lines were touched by that moment.



We finished off the day at Give Kids the World Village where we had dinner, made pillows and made Sophie’s star which will be displayed at the Castle of Miracles on the ceiling with the stars of all the other children who have been guests at the village. It’s a bit saddening to all the stars there and know that all of those children were sick and you can only pray some of them are still with us. I will get to see the placement of Sophie’s star this evening I will be sure to share it with you all.



Making a pillow!

Making a pillow!

And the bonus to this magical day was to see Grisel who drove from West Palm Beach, two and a half hours each way to stay over and spend Day 4 with us. I fell very blessed to have so many people who love my family the way they do.


Grisel loving on her Sophie girl, as she says!

More to come on this magical adventure!


4 thoughts on “Sophie’s Make-A-Wish Day3

  1. dianegilmartin

    My son Thomas loves the Lion King show so much he too took part in the finale, how fantastic a moment this is truly tear jerking moment, you cannot put into words quite how much our kids get from these moments, priceless 🙂

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