Sophie’s Make-A-Wish Day4

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On this day we were once again blessed with beautiful weather and we headed out to Universal Studios. Again not too crowded so we were able to see the whole park. Sophie did the Twister simulator and did wonderful until the end where the floor dropped a bit and made a very loud metal clang noise, we could not get her out of there fast enough. She rode the Disaster ride and ET. On the ET ride she sat in her own seat and really enjoyed it so she got to go twice.


Universal Studios

Universal Studios

Enjoying some Nutella

Enjoying some Nutella

MAWDay4_4 MAWDay4_5 MAWDay4_6 MAWDay4_7

Grisel spent the day giving Sophie so much love, Sophie was loving it! She held her, hugged her and even made sure she got some walking in to stretch her legs throughout the day. It was great to have Grisel with us for the day!

MAWDay4_8 MAWDay4_9 MAWDay4_10 MAWDay4_11

Sophie even got to jump in the baby bounce house before we headed back to our villa.

Baby bounce house!

Baby bounce house!

We ended the day saying goodbye to Grisel, we were so happy she was able to spend this day with us to celebrate Sophie’s magical week. We had some Pollo Trpoical for dinner as the kids were dying for some since one of the places we miss from Florida. Sophie is getting sick and not feeling to well as she fought of a fever most of the day so finished the day early so we could all get some rest. I’m just hoping we can keep whatever is about to get her at bay until we return home.

Pollo Tropical, yummy!!

Pollo Tropical, yummy!!

Thank you Grisel for spending the day with us, you are so amazing; we love you!!

More to come on this magical adventure!


6 thoughts on “Sophie’s Make-A-Wish Day4

  1. Megan Cahan

    I missed playing with Sophie this morning so I thought I’d take a look at the blog! love the pictures–looks like Sophie girl is having a great time! What a wonderful experience for you all!

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