Sophie’s Make-A-Wish Day5

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On the eve of day five Tristan began to battle a fever overnight, he was miserable, coughing crying and burning up. His fever broke and he seemed to feel better after some motrin so we headed to Disney’s Magic Kingdom to spend the day. My cousins made the trip to spend the day with us; Maribel made the trip up from West Palm Beach and Yessenia from Gainesville. It was so wonderful to see them!



Enjoying the ferry ride to Magic Kingdom.

Enjoying the ferry ride to Magic Kingdom.

Enjoying the ferry ride to Magic Kingdom.


It really was a fantastic day. Tristan’s fever did return with some vomiting but we made it through the day. We made it our goal to ensure Sophie rode all the rides that were not too overstimulating and that she was tall enough for, it was a busy day. She rode and rode and rode and each time would leave us speechless with her tolerance and attentiveness to details. We enjoyed each others company and prayed that the days would slow down so we could savor these magical moments. The kids had a blast and Sophie was soaking in all the magnificent colors and energy around her.

Getting to know Buzz Lightyear

Giving daddy some much deserved kisses!

Giving daddy some much deserved kisses!

The day was truly amazing! Sophie used this trip to prove to us she could communicate and was using more signs than ever. She even started to give kisses and her daddy  was the luckiest one! An added bonus to such an amazing week.

Maribel & Sophie

Maribel & Sophie

Yessenia & Sophie

Yessenia & Sophie

We had such a wonderful day it was so sad to see it have to come to an end. Maribel headed out first, it was a sad goodbye. She and I were very close when we were younger and while we don’t see each other often there is a special bond there. Yessenia is my super intelligent young cousin and it’s hard to think she is not still only a teenager. They are both such amazing people I am proud to call them my family, amazing hearts and so much love that words are not needed.

Earlier this day my cousins attended the opening of the expansion to Fantasy Island where they saw Jordan Sparks the singer and Ginnifer Goodwin the actress. Ginnifer Goodwin is one of my personal favorite actresses, she has stared in many movies and in curerntly staring in NBC’s “Once Upon A Time” where she protrays Snow White. There is just something about her a gracefulness that is unexplained, an innocent air about her that makes me adore her. When I heard she was there I thought wow how amazing would it be to get her to take a picture with Sophie but it seemed too outrageous. The thought lingered in the back of my mind but I honestly thought it could never happen.

As we began our exit out of the park we walked right passed her, I turned as my heart skipped a beat and said to my cousin, Yessenia, “It would be amazing if she would take a picture with Sophie”. My cousin took off after her with hopes to catch up but was not successful as she disappeared in the crowed. My cousin felt really bad although I told her it was not big deal and thanked her for her efforts. I proceeded to the gift shop to get Sophie and Tristan their Disney hats. The rest of my group waited outside while I anxiously waited for the kids names to be embroidered on the hats. Sophie’s hat came out first and I snapped some pics and sent her out to wait with daddy while I waited for Tristan’s hat. That’s when my daughter Emily ran in excitedly and told me “Yessenia had got her”. What? I said and she replied, “Yessenia got the actress to stop with Sophie”. I ran out as fast as I could and arrived just and Ginnifer Goodwin was walking away and just in time to tell her “thank you, that I was Sophie’s mom and I really appreciated her taking the time to stop” she pleasantly stopped and said “oh no problem, I hope you are having a wonderful time”. She was SO REAL!

Ginnifer Goodwin and Sophie

Ginnifer Goodwin & Sophie

Ginnifer Goodwin & Sophie

I started to tear up as she walked away. It was as if meant to be, she walked right by them sitting there waiting for me and Yessenia seized the moment to ask her if she would take a picture with her cousin for her Make-A-Wish trip. They said she was so sweet and genuine, she stopped and took a moment to talk to Sophie and posed for pictures. Sophie liked her too!  She is as graceful in reality as she is in her movies. I hope she knows how much this moment meant to me, to us…priceless!

Thank you to my wonderful cousins for making the effort to see us, we love you both so much!!

Yessenia, YOU ROCK!!!!

To Ginnifer Goodwin, I hope fame never changes you and you are always as kind as you were on this day.

Bittersweet as we approach days six and seven but there is still more to come!


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