Sophie’s Make-A-Wish Day6

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Day six started out rough, Tristan was up all night with a fever and miserable so at 6am we headed out to the emergency room to make sure it was nothing too serious. As luck would have it his fever went down significantly on the way to the hospital and had leveled out to 101.5 by the time we arrived, he was still hot but not burning up. We were in and out within an hour with the diagnosis of a viral respiratory infection. On the way back to the villa we stopped in for some Einstein Bros Bagels for breakfast. I LOVE the cinnamon sugar bagels; the kids love their bagels! We used to alternate Einstein Bros Bagels and Cuban pastries for breakfast on Sunday mornings when we lived in Florida, we miss that!

Hospital with Tristan. I was exhausted!

Hospital with Tristan. I was exhausted!

Einstein Bros Bagels

Einstein Bros Bagels

We headed out later than usual to give ourselves a chance to regain our strength from the lack of sleep. We then headed out to the Florida mall for some Smurf ice cream, it’s a blueberry ice cream with marshmallows that is only sold at an ice cream shop inside the mall; I’ve never been able to find it anywhere else. Through out the years the ice cream shop has closed and reopened several times but they continue to sell this particular ice cream, my all time favorite ice cream, EVER!

Smurf Ice Cream

Smurf Ice Cream


After we indulged ourselves with such delicious treats we headed to Seaworld. This was the last attraction we would visit on this amazing trip, it was the final day before we had to return to reality. We made it to Seaworld in the early afternoon, it had been a few years since we had last visited but I thought Sophie would love it since she loves water so much. It’s changed alot, very pretty but I found it a little more boring than before.


One of the gift’s for families on the Make-A-Wish trips is to feed the Dolphin’s, I LOVE dolphins! I have three tattooed on my back, well each one represents one of my kids but that’s another story.

As we ventured in to the dolphin nursery the trainer there saw our special girl with her Make-a-Wsish shirt and told us to go over to feed the dolphins , a feeding was scheduled just minutes away. We rushed over for the fun!

I of course was the photographer, as always, so I really did not get to participate. They brought out the fish and the dolphins were fed, than a trainer came by and had them come over to the wall so Sophie could touch them. Sophie was so excited and flailing we could not get her to calm down, it was too hard to get her to stay against the wall even with someone holding her against it (have I told you she is super-woman strong). It was not safe to have her too close but Emily did a great job getting her close, such a great big sister. If Sophie had the words to describe this moment I’m sure she would say it was AMAZING! Dolphins are such beautiful creatures!

MAWday6_5 MAWday6_6 MAWday6_7 MAWday6_8 MAWday6_9 0001QL MAWday6_4

The older kids and I rode Manta, AWESOME roller coaster! We saw the Christmas Sea Lion and Otter show and saw the Sharks which Sophie thought was too cool.

My big brother making sure I got up close and personal.

My big brother making sure I got up close and personal.

MAyday6_12 MAWday6_11

We had a nice lunch, walked around alot and Sophie took a nap. By this time the built up exhaustion from the whole week had gotten to us so we decided to head back to the villa to enjoy our last night at Give the Kids the World Village.

MAWday6_14 MAWday6_15


It was a good day. Our final day, day seven…the end to this amazing wish and a wrap up coming soon.


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