Rebloging for a friend. Please pass it along if you know anyone that can offer some guidance, it would be much appreicated. We must stand together as a community to speak for those who do not have their own voice, our Children.

My Rivers Ride

H E L P Does anybody know what that means anymore?! HELP ME HELP my daughter! I do not ask for help normally and do things on my own as much as I can. So when I am asking I REALLY NEED THE HELP! I can’t stress that enough! Who will help?! Why is it so hard that when I ask that I get the help that I desperately need? I’m sick, tired, stressed to the absolute max! My daughter is 12 years old and she has special needs. She has been diagnosed with Cri du Chat Syndrome, Autism, Deaf and hard of hearing. She went through her 3 years of intensive therapy, birth to 3 program school districts, outside therapy, in school therapy. I have fought each day for her to benefit the most. I fought the State of WI for her intensive services because they didn’t want to…

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