Thanksgiving 2012

I’m still catching up with my posts…please bear with me.

This year the holidays have been bitter-sweet. Seven hundred miles away from our family and friends made for some sadness as we celebrated in a new home with new friends. It’s hard when you are so used to being surrounded by so many to adjust to being just a small group. We celebrated Thanksgiving with Barbara, her husband and kids. Barbara is my fellow CDC parent and friend who lives down the street from me. The kids helped with the meal preparation, Gabriel volunteered to cut the ends off of the green beans. The food turned out great. We had some drinks, ate and played games. It was a good night.



Barbara and Ron

Barbara and Ron

Thanksgiving 2012_3 Thanksgiving 2012_4 Thanksgiving 2012_5 Thanksgiving 2012_6 Thanksgiving 2012_7

I tried to get pictures of my oldest but he just refused, he hides when he sees the camera. I’m working on his camera shyness.



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