Happy 17th Arturo

It’s hard to believe that I have a seven-teen year old son! I sometimes question it, seriously I just don’t feel old enough for that, like seriously where has the time gone? I sometimes wake up and lay there in disbelief that I am in my thirties and I have seven kids (6 biological) let alone one that’s almost an adult, but it’s true. My first-born son Arturo is officially seventeen years old. He is a good kid, a bit lazy but a good kid. He is dedicated in school, loves sports and does not give me any problems other than his occasional sarcastic smart mouth but what teenager doesn’t. He is looking forward to graduating high school next year and we are starting to talk about college. That’s huge for us. Of my siblings I am the only one that finished school and on my husband’s side well lets just say it’s not worth saying so getting a good education is a BIG PRIORITY in our home.

I’m lucky to be able to say in this day in age where kids have lost their way that I have a great kid. While we may run into a few snags here and there he is still very much a big kid, innocent to most of the cruel realities the world has to offer. I have fought long and hard for my kids to remain kids as long as possible because once you’re an adult there is no going back. Arturo is kind and loving, he has a good heart and has a good head on his shoulders. His focus on his future is really starting to come together and I am very proud of him. He will make some mistakes as he grows but we must make mistakes in order to learn life lessons; but, I will be there to help him understand that on his journey to adulthood.

Wow..it’s amazing to wrap my mind around it, he’s 17, I have a seventeen year old child!!!

Here are a few pictures from throughout the years.

HAPPY 17th!


Happy 17th_2Happy 17th_3

Happy 17th_4

Happy 17th_5

Happy 17th_6

Happy 17th_7

Happy 17th_8

Happy 17th_9

Happy 17th_10

Our first family picture Arturo was 3wks old.

Our first family picture Arturo was 3wks old.


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