2012 Recap

I am so behind with posting, Sophie’s wish trip threw off my whole routine and I have not been able to find enough time for anything, add the holidays and two weeks with no school to that equation and it’s a miracle I can even check my email. So I am attempting to get caught up without leaving anything out in the process, better late than never right?

In 2012 Sophie reached new milestones, unexpected milestones that left me wondering how I could have ever doubted she would come so far. The change in her from baby to toddler became real and although in some aspects it may still be similar to a baby she is absolutely a toddler with tantrums and all. Sophie became mobile and babbled for the first time, she also managed to scare me more than ever with a few choking incidents that practically drained the life out of me, She choked. 

In 2012 my family grew when I became the guardian of my niece and integrated her into my family before she was removed from my sisters custody by the Dept of Children and Families of Florida. It was a very difficult transition as the already rocky relationship I had with my sister came to an end, One More Makes Nine. 

In 2012 the Cri du Chat community had our first International Cri du Chat Awareness Week! It was awesome, a collaboration of many countries around the world uniting to educate and let the world know we exist.  You can check out my post here, it was one of my most popular of the year, We Exist.

In 2012 our nightmare ended when the shortsale of the home we worked towards for many years finally went through and we left the State of Florida for a new start and better services for Sophie, It’s done goodbye. 

In 2012 I turned 33 years old and realized I actually have wrinkles, who knew you could have wrinkles at 33!

In 2012 I was nominated and won the award for  Parent of the year by the 5p- Society for the time I donated to the society and my dedication to help other families along their journey into this world of special needs. Honestly, I have learned through the parents of older children who were once where I am today and have offered me the same support.

2012 was a difficult year for me. It was the year that brought the loss of more than one important friendship, a year that marked the end to a life we worked so hard to build and the beginning of a second chance life with a different perspective.

Here are a few more of my most popular posts for 2012! I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. Thank you for following along with me and being a part of my journey!

Sophie has Cri du Chat Syndrome Letter. 

Had I known.

What’s with the poop?


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