What made me happy this week 1/25

I’m linking up with Elastamom’s Excerpts in Happy this week.

What made me happy this week?

After starting out 2013 with a few bumps in the road I can say I’m figuring it all out. I’m happy to say that clarity is on the horizon for me.

This week I was able to put alot into perspective and realized that I was carrying too much on my shoulders and spoke up about it. I can now begin to relax and plan ahead with fewer worries on my mind.

I’ve been beating myself up over finding time to blog more often and this week was a good week for me. I may have neglected folding the laundry and a few other cleaning chores but I was able to get a few posts in this week and in the end I pulled together and got the house clean by this evening. This makes me very happy and I realized I have to make the time for myself.

Watching Sophie in therapy this week and seeing how far she has come is always a sure way to bring happiness my way.

Watching Tristan’s vocabulary expand is amazing! He is 21 months and is putting together 2 words, tries to repeat everything you teach him. It truly is amazing to watch him so interested in the world and even more exciting is the way he tries to help his sister. Priceless. He helps me when I’m working with Sophie and even runs to get me when she is doing something she should not be doing like climbing the computer table.  His nickname for her is “Nina”for girl in spanish, although he say’s her name, well he says “Ofie” but he prefers to call her Nina. Being witness to their amazing bond makes me so happy it’s difficult to even put into words.

Now that I am clearing my head I am feeling so much better emotionally and physically, this too has helped me stay calmer and happy this week.


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