His Job

We relocated to North Carolina on June, 30 2012. After a week of unpacking and getting settled into our new home it was time for my husband to look for work (me doing the searching of course). Since my husband is not the greatest on the computer I was the one doing most of the internet searches. We sent out over 75 resumes and he applied to about three to four dozen jobs online. As he approached his second full week of job hunting he began to get anxious, his old boss gave him the option to return to FL and work until he found a job here but I felt that would interfere with his job hunting. He went to a couple of interviews but they were just not the right match. Than one morning as he was headed out to take my son to get his ID and drop off more resumes from the daily job list I compiled for him something told me to check Craigslist one more time and so I did. I’m OCD so when I sent him out to look for work it was in order from furthest away with the directions already charted. Hey it saved on gasoline, yes I know it’s a bit obsessive but that’s how I function.

My husband is a professional auto detailer and it’s not the easiest job to find, he had been looking in other fields but detailing is his specialty. There was a new post listing  for a detailing positing at an auto dealership about forty minutes away, it had just been posted.  I told him to go there first. I don’t know what my sense of urgency was but I was very excited it just felt right for him.

When he arrived at the dealership he sat in the car for a good ten minutes contemplating whether he should just leave, it was a small dealership and he wasn’t sure it was the right fit. I think he was just really nervous having just moved cross-country having to restart his life in a sense and was doubting himself. He’s accustomed to working in very large very high quantity dealerships. He was with our oldest son who reminded him I would be upset if he would leave without trying. I would know if he did, we do not lie to each other I know him better than he knows himself. He filled out an application and had an interview right there, he was there for  almost two hours. And the rest you can say is history. You can’t judge a book by its cover, right?

He is now happily employed with Leith Automotive Inc. He has benefits, paid holidays and best of all he is happy. It is so important to be happy with your career, you spend half of your life there so it’s critical to do something you enjoy and the company turned out to be alot larger than he assumed. Before I resigned to stay home with Sophie I worked at Wantman Group, Inc., an engineering firm where I was the administrative assistant to the Survey department. I loved my job, I had a great boss who always made sure I knew how much she appreciated my dedication to my job and the company. It truly makes all the difference!

During the holidays they his employers had a holiday party but because it was a little too far for us to travel without a babysitter we decided it be best to sit that one out. Recently the dealership was named outstanding client satisfaction and each employee was given a glass plaque with their name on it and invited to a dinner. My husband was very excited and so I agreed to go, the dinner was last night at  IronWood restaurant, a little further than his daily drive to work. I was at a birthday party with the kids when my husband arrived home from work so I was not home at the time he wanted me to be which threw off the time frame he wanted me ready by. What’s a girl to do? I don’t go out often so I like to take my time getting ready plus my daughter who wants to be a make-up artist wanted to do my eyes and I could not tell her no. Adult Interaction is one of the many things I miss from my former life. My former life as in working mom, dinner dates and pampering myself.

We did arrive a little late but it wasn’t too bad. This restaurant is beautiful, it brought me back to a time I really enjoyed in the past. As we walked into the reserved area for our group my husbands boss along with the owner of the company came over to greet us. I was very happy I was finally able to meet my husbands boss, my husband has alot of respect for him and I could see why. We sat at our table with many other co-workers and their guest. I started out with a delicious “Cabernet” (I’m a wine girl) and being the social ice breaker I am I started conversations and it just flowed smoothly from there. My husbands boss stopped by to tell me how much he appreciated my husbands dedication to his job and the pride he puts into his work. It made me proud!

Later the boss’s wife stopped by to introduce herself, she was incredibly kind and welcoming and not to mention beautiful. I was expecting his boss to be this older man as he portrayed to me in his conversations, not by age but just the way he described him to me. I was shocked to see how young he was, I can see now it’s the respect he has for him that lead me to misinterpret his description it’s not the age but the character he describes.

The evening was filled with delicious food, fun-filled conversations and new friends. My husband was proud to have me by his side and even blushed when someone complimented me on how beautiful I was. I’m not the most beautiful flower out there but I do believe who you truly are on the inside and your personality come through so transparent and that is the beauty that I am complimented on so often. I felt like an adult again, it’s a reminder of the part of my life I really want back.

My husband later said to me on the drive home “Before it was you who had the great job and I used to accompany you to all the events and now it’s the other way around”. I have to say I think there was a little bit of cockiness and pride in there but, I’ll let him have it. His job is not an easy one especially in the summer, I know because he taught me how to detail and when we wash our cars at home we do it as a team. It’s tiring but he is very particular and gives his best or nothing at all.

And now when he has a nostalgic moment with the kids about Florida all say is “do you really think you would find a job like this one anywhere else” and he looks at me with no words needed and that sense of security fills him. I am certain our lives are falling into place as it should with each passing day, I can see now that all along this was where we are meant to be.

To a wonderful night, hoping to have many more!

Hi Job_1

Look who was up waiting for mommy when we got home!

Look who was up waiting for mommy when we got home!


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