mama-kat-button2Today I’m linking up with Mama Kat’s Famous Writing Workshop!

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4.) Write a blog post inspired by the word “red”

Red. The color my hair was as a toddler.

Red. The color of ball gown I wore for my Sweet 15 birthday party. It was red with white lace.

Red. The color I was wearing the night I met my husband.

Red. The color lipstick I wore for several years until I became a mom.

Red. A red delicious apple is what my husband referenced my lips to the first time we kissed.

Red. The only color I feel complete confidence in no matter what time of my life I have been in.

Red. The color my face turns when I blush, when I cry, when it’s hot or after a few glasses of wine.

Red. My husbands favorite color to see me in.

Red. My prefered color to dress the kids in, yes, even the boys.

Red. The color I seem to be wearing in 75% of the pictures I have of myself over the last twenty years of my life.

Red. The color of my  birthstone, ruby-red.

Red. The color that represents some of the most passionate feelings; love, anger, sexuality, strength, power and intensity.

Red. If I had to choose a color that describes me, it would be red. Red, it’s just so me!





Through out the years. RED!

Through out the years. RED!


11 thoughts on “Red

  1. May

    Red is perfect with your coloring. It is one of my favorites too. Though I no longer have the dark hair to set it off. Not sure the gray has the same affect!


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