Back to the ER

Shortly after arriving at the ER.

Shortly after arriving at the ER.

Yesterday we had to rush Sophie to the ER, it had been almost a whole year since a hospitalization was a possibility. Hospital stays for her urged against because of her weak immune system especially for this time of the year. Sophie has been battling a sinus infection for about two months now and after three courses of antibiotics we decided to just give her body a chance to try to fight it off while we monitored her progress but it has only become worse.

Yesterday around 3am we awoke to Sophie gasping for air as the phlegm was beginning to block her airway, she had the onset of fever and severe cough. We got up cleared her airway and gave her a treatment than she began to vomit, her tummy was pretty empty so it was more phlegm and the watery substance from her tummy. She calmed after a little while and we attempted to fall back to sleep but not shortly after she began to vomit and was barely able to stop. She was now burning hot, we left her only in her diaper and took her temp which registered at 104.2. I did not hesitate and decided the hospital was our only choice, it was Sunday and I could not wait until Monday with her in this condition.

We were already exhausted from the months of lack of sleep that have been plaguing us so I drove and daddy sat in the back with her holding a bucket to her face almost the entire 30 min drive to the hospital. They brought her back quickly and began an IV. Because of the vomiting I could not give her anything for the fever. She was miserable and so weak, it’s the most heartbreaking thing to see a child deteriorate so quickly. They gave her Zofran and thankfully after almost thirty minutes her vomiting finally subsided and they were able to give her motrin. They ran a ton of blood work and did a x-ray, the diagnosis was sinus infection (which I knew) and positive for RSV. Respiratory syncytial virus is very familiar to us, Sophie had chronic RSV in the first two years of life which included a monthly vaccination to help keep it at bay. It’s extremely dangerous in babies and for her it can be too with her compromised immune system and asthma.

The doctor finally came in to see us after all the tests results had been returned. I immediately explained that Sophie could not stay in the hospital and after discussing her history a bit more she agreed. I told her she needed a dose of rocephin and that I would follow-up with her doctor the following day. And so it was done as I requested, the doctor was great! She lives in West Virginia but helps out in this hospital every month, it really relieves so much stress when you have medical professionals that are not intimidated by a parents knowledge of their chid’s medical complications or the best way to treat them.

While at the hospital I texted my daughter to go home as soon as she woke up because she had stayed at a sleepover, she did and tried to call me but I had no cell signal. When I returned her call she was crying and was very upset, she was so afraid for her sister. She said “mom, but she was perfectly fine last night” and she was right she was perfectly fine the night before but this is how life is for us. I assured her she would be ok but she knows if we make a trip to the hospital it’s always our last resort.

By the time we arrived home Sophie was felling better and was able to drink something. Sophie than pooped all over herself and an entire room just as an added bonus for us as if scaring the crap out of us was not enough. After a both she slept for several hours which she desperately needed. When she woke I was able to give her a yogurt with some vitamins and water. She got her nebulizer treatments and some motrin to help her sleep comfortably and went back to sleep. Now to follow-up and devise a plan of treatment which I am sure will include a few more injections of antibiotics and possibly some steroids for her lungs. She is weak but better.

I want to thank my Facebook friends for always offering so much prayer and support in these difficult times, it helps more than you can imagine and I appreciate it more than words can say!

This is just a part of my journey as a mother of a child with medical complexities. We must appreciate each day we have with our loved ones because we don’t know how long we will have them in our lives. I have learned the hard way that life happens and everything can change in the blink of an eye so treasure it.

After the Zofran and Motrin.

After the Zofran and Motrin.

After her dose of Rocephin.

After her dose of Rocephin.

After almost 7 hours and thanks to the meds she is ready to go home.

After almost 7 hours and thanks to the meds she is ready to go home.


10 thoughts on “Back to the ER

  1. Tommie

    Poor Sophie!! I’m glad you were able to keep her out of the hospital. I really hope she’s on the road to recovery and that it’s a very short trip for her.

  2. mommyhasissues

    Poor girl:( I’m so glad that she is feeling better. It makes life so much easier when you get a doctor willing to listen to parents. I wish more of them respected us and realized that we know our children best.

  3. findingninee

    So glad the doctor listened to you and that you were able to get her home after just seven hours! Hope she’s doing much better!
    (visiting via Love that Max)

  4. annmariegubenko

    Thank God she is okay! How scary. I know exactly what you mean about doctors who listen to us parents that know our kids’ conditions inside and out and what works for them and what doesn’t. I am very fortunate to have doctors in the boys’ lives that are like that.


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