How we named them…

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5.) Share how you came up with your kids names!

When I was very young I had some medical issues and was told it would be very difficult to ever have children because of scaring and other stuff I can’t recall because I was just too young to understand. Makes you wonder how I ended up have six children doesn’t it?

First Child: Arturo Jesus. When we found out we were having a boy I thought it was a great idea to name him after the hubby. The hubby’s name is Felix Arturo but I knew him by Arturo, in his country it is common practice to use the middle name as primary. I decided Arturo would be a good fit, Arturo is a latin form of Arthur. It just felt right and his middle name is Jesus, my way of saying thanks to God for my gift. My hubby liked it and we never discussed it again.

Second Child: Emily Mercedes. From as far back as I could remember I dreamt of being a mom, I always knew if I had a little girl her name was going to be Emily as if it was set in stone. We did not know her gender until she made her grand entrance into our lives and we did not even have a boy’s name picked out. Mother’s intuition I guess. My husband tried to convince me to name her Maria Mercedes like his mother, I didn’t fold but I did agree to Mercedes as her middle name to make him happy. Plus it sounds really nice.

Third Child: Gabriel Lucas. Gabriel was my most difficult child to name. From early on I wanted Gabriel but my husband did not like it, than we chose Evan Christopher until two people we knew named their babies Evan and I wanted to steer away from the really popular names. We went back and forth for months, we even bought a baby name book and each wrote out a list of the names we liked. I wanted to steer away from really common names. We narrowed it down to four names; Gabriel, Lucas, Eric and Adrian and we waited to meet our little guy. When he finally made his grand entrance it only took one look at him and my husband turned to me and said, “you were right all along, he is a Gabriel”.

Fourth Child: Elyas Alejandro. While still in my first trimester one day while searching the internet I saw the name Elyas, it called out to me. I immediately called the hubby and told him that I think were having a boy and his name would be Elyas spelled with a y instead of an I. He was also a gender surprise and while every one swore he was a girl I knew he was not. His middle name is my brother’s middle name it was important to me that my brother be a part of my kids that way.

Fifth Child: Sophie Isabella. I knew she was a girl, I was convinced that her name would be Sabella but the hubby did not like that at all. Since I had named my first girl after the mother in law I decided I would name this girl after my mother, although we never had a relationship it would be a nice gesture. My mothers name is Isabel but I did not want to name her exclusively after my mother so I tweaked it to Isabella. I was in the shower one day going over names in my mind and I began saying them out loud, I was calling out names that matched with Isabella. When I said Sophie baby became very active as if agreeing with me and than my hubby walked by as I kept repeating it to myself and he said “yeah…that’s the one”.

Sixth Child: Tristan Luis. I swore after Elyas that my next boy would be named Sebastian but the baby didn’t want that name.  We are big fans of  the movie Legends of the fall, you know the one with Brad Pitt and long hair! And Tristan happened to be the name of Brad Pitts character, the wild one! I was very hesitant because a co-worker at the time had lost their baby boy who they named Tristan and I really did not want to make them feel uncomfortable. But  the more we talked about it the more it just felt right, my husband really wanted that name.  I wanted to use my brothers first name as a middle name and Tristan Luis is perfect.

Now that I look back I can honestly say I believe they chose their own names. And they all match their names perfectly. I have had many people tell me “You don’t look like a Charity”, although I think I do.  I honestly think my kids match their names perfectly from their physical appearance to their personalities.





2 thoughts on “How we named them…

  1. annmariegubenko

    I love reading how people named their kids. Your kids have beautiful names. I am a HUGE Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall fan. I saw that movie 3 times in the theater and I LOVE the name Tristan but it didn’t fit with our last name.


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