Our first snow!

My whole life I can recall always wanting to live where it snowed, I am not a fan of hot weather and although I was born and raised in Florida I prefer cooler weather. A couple of years ago after a trip to Ohio where we had planned on moving I experienced snow for the first time that I could remember. When I was a toddler we lived in New York but I was too young and do not remember it. When my husband decided that Ohio was not the right place for us it made sad and one of those reasons was because I have longed to witness the change in seasons, Florida is pretty much summer year round.  When he decided we would move to North Carolina I had hoped it would be an area that would have a t least minimal snow and although it does not always snow here it does occasionally. I had hoped we would get the experience snowfall with our  first winter and I am  happy to say “It snowed” over the weekend.

When I noticed the snowfall I called the kids to door to show them and they we so excited! The babies were screaming and Tristan kept saying snow..snowing!  I decided I would take them out to allow them the opportunity to experience the snow and so we did. It was not a ton of snow but enough to experience for the first time, they made snow balls and attempted to make snow angels. It was fun for the small amount of time we were outside, Sophie rolled around in the snow and Tristan’s face looked like a little tomato by the time we went back inside. But it was so much fun just witnessing their reaction to whole experience! I can’t wait until it snows enough for us to really venture outside to play and make snowmen. But, for now I’m happy with our sample of snow. And I absolutely enjoyed how beautiful everything looks when it snows!


Watching snow fall for the first time!

OurFirstSnow_1 OurFirstSnow_2 OurFirstSnow_3OurFirstSnow_4 OurFirstSnow_5OurFirstSnow_6 OurFirstSnow_7 OurFirstSnow_8OurFirstSnow_9 OurFirstSnow_10 OurFirstSnow_11 OurFirstSnow_12 OurFirstSnow_13OurFirstSnow_16OurFirstSnow_14 OurFirstSnow_15


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