Another ER run, but it was for me.

I was back in the ER yesterday, exactly a week from my last visit. All seemed fine until I went to bed on Monday evening and the chest pain started up again, I could not stop shaking and got no sleep. I was light-headed and nauseous, it was horrible! And I was starting to get scared. Other than complications in my pregnancies with preeclampsia, diabetes and preterm labor I have always been pretty healthy. I had an emergency appendectomy in 2008 and a brush with cancer  in 2001 but other than that I’m healthy. I honestly thought I was having a heart attack or that there was something wrong with my lungs.

I quit smoking five years ago. I had smoked on and off for fifteen years only giving it up the times I was pregnant and nursing but I would always go right back to the bad habbit.  I have always been so afraid I did not quit in time and that I would end up with lung cancer or something. I know, I’m paranoid but do you blame me!

I have never been big on going to the doctor for myself unless I was sick and even then I would wait it out using natural remedies if I could. I’m not a fan of medication of any kind, ironic isn’t it that I end up with a child that requires so much medical attention. Not having health insurance also keeps me away from doctors because let’s face it, who the hell can afford them? It’s hard with insurance, so just imagine being without it.

After spending the entire night awake, shaking and scared out of my mind I really wanted some answers. By the time Tuesday afternoon rolled around I was not feeling any better and called the hubby to come home. He dropped me off at the ER, this time I was afraid to drive as I was in really bad shape and he had to stay with the kids so I had to go alone. I’m grateful for my neighbor Gina who got my kids from the bus stop until my husband could get them, it sucks being alone with no family around!

So they did the usual blood work, urine check, x-rays, EEG and this time a CT scan. I had a small reaction to the contrast for the CT scan but it passed quickly. The good news’s nothing life threatening. My heart and lungs look good and there was no sign of a blood clot but they were not able to tell me exactly why I was having chest pains.  My blood pressure is still elevated and I was again told I need to make sure I’m getting enough nutrition. I was given an anti-inflamatory via IV and almost immediately I was a whole new me! The doctor believes it’s all stress related, maybe my body just cannot handle me being relaxed since I have been pretty relaxed for a few weeks now. I was also given an anxiety medication which was a first for me and it made me so mellow. I was given the lowest dosage and it did help but it’s not something I would want to take regularly; however I do see how it could help one those really difficult days. I was able to go home feeling better and able to breath without pain and got some sleep.

This morning I woke up feeling horrible, I thought I was dying. I woke up with an upset stomach, hot sweats and nausea. I spent most of the day laying down and was able to have some dry toast and a fruit smoothie eating it very slow and taking very small sips, after a couple of hours I felt so much better. Reaction to the contrast or meds? Possibly, and that is why I don’t like medications. My stomach is still very upset but my energy level is climbing. I’m hoping tomorrow I will wake up back to my old self, my life is too busy for me to be sick.


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