Just what I needed.

I have had a great day! I had the opportunity to meet a fellow CdCS mom and friend Alaine and three of her four children; Hannah, Jeremiah and Gabrielle who has CdCS along with Gabrielle’s nurse Tia. It was awesome, I can’t remember having this much fun since last April for Elyas, Tristan and Sophie’s birthday party . We have been in contact on Facebook and texting but had not been able to get together because well, life happens and she lives two hours away. We invited other CdCS families but no one else was able to make the visit. We had so much fun and Tia is truly like one of the family

I woke up really early and cooked up alot of Cuban food since her son Jeremiah was anxiously looking forward to it. They arrived before noon and there was no need to break the ice from the moment they arrived it was as if we had been friends our whole lives. The kids became friends instantly. I was amazed at how smart Gabrielle is, my husband was excited to see her ability to communicate her wants and needs. Her and Sophie are so much alike despite the almost six-year age difference, it truly is amazing! There is no doubt our children are soul siblings. During the visit while watching Gabrielle tell her mom that she was being silly my husband looked at me and told me “Our Sophie will be like her” with a big smile on his face. Those are the moments that make my life so full, I can’t imagine living with a husband that did not have such a positive outlook for his child, it is so very important.

So we talked and laughed, and talked and laughed and talked and laughed some more. We came to realize we all had so much more in common than we had imagined, from our families to the way we choose to raise our children. We were all so comfortable with each other there was no awkward moments just love and a profound connection where a life long friendship begins. I can’t wait until our next visit!

The followers they brought me!

The flowers they brought me!

Just what I needed_2

Just what I needed_3

Alaine, Gabrielle, Me & Sophie

Alaine, Gabrielle, Me & Sophie

Elyas and Jeremiah...New friends!

Elyas and Jeremiah…New friends!

Tia, Alaine & I

Tia, Alaine & I

This is how we spent the day!

This is how we spent the day!

Just what I needed_8

The kids had a blast!

The kids had a blast!

Time for lunch!

Time for lunch!

I wasn't kidding, all we did was laugh! Trying her Flan for the first time!!

I wasn’t kidding, all we did was laugh! Trying her Flan for the first time!!


8 thoughts on “Just what I needed.

  1. Beth Bragel

    Awe charity I know it was awesome to see another family celebrate their amazing gift just as you are :-). Looking at all the pics just makes me happy


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