Hippotherapy Update

Sophie had her first hippotherapy lesson about four months ago, we planned on taking her twice a week for lessons but since she has being sick so often and the combined lack of cooperation from mother nature for good riding conditions we have had to cancel alot of lessons. Right now we try to fit in at least one lesson a week it’s amazing that one weekly lesson can really made a difference. Before Sophie had her first lesson her balance was horrible, even though she had been walking independently for seven months it was more like she had just begun weeks before.

After two lessons her balance and gait began to improve. She took to the riding so naturally (she get’s that from her momma) it’s wonderful how much she enjoys it. When she is riding she seems so at peace and relaxed as if connected to everything around her.

The first few lessons it took three people to have the lesson, one guiding the pony and two giving support on each side. As she began to correct herself in sitting and positioning it was time to let the trainer take over and I began to step away for several minutes at a time. It was a huge success!

Now I put her on the pony and I stay out of her way, she has her lesson with the trainer and her assistant and it frees up my time to take pictures. When daddy is around though she becomes increasingly distracted but that’s not a problem because we just ask daddy to walk away from her and she immediately corrects.

The change in her balance and gait when walking or standing was immediate, her physical therapist pointed it out shortly after we started the lessons. HUGE SUCCESS!!! It’s so great to be able to give her this opportunity.

Take a moment to watch her in action!


8 thoughts on “Hippotherapy Update

  1. zanzanaglob

    Thank you for sharing this, I would like to accompany her as I do once per month with my hippotherapy friends! She will do better and better, you will see 🙂

  2. mamajoyx9

    She’s looking great! Sitting up so tall. It’s amazing what happens when you put a child on a horse. Glad she’s getting to do this. It’s definately her thing.



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