My favorite shirt

Ok, so I have a secret. I have a favorite shirt, I know it sounds silly but it’s true. I’m one of those people who like to stick with what works, including clothing. I’m not a skinny girl. I am very curvy (my latin genes take credit for that) with huge hips and an oversized butt, basically my butt is too big. And yes, your butt can be too big; at least mine is. Let me focus before I go into butt talk, I mean I can write a whole post about how much dislike I my butt but I will try to stay focused here and leave the butt talk for another day.

Do you have a favorite shirt, pair of jeans, shoes or even a hair style? You know, you wear it once and you feel like a rock star. I have a shirt that I love, I never realized how great the color blue looked on me before this shirt. There are benefits to having my fair complexion like being able to wear any color. Red and orange have always been great colors on me especially when I’m sporting the blonde look but I had never really been a fan of wearing blue until now.

I had not realized how much I loved wearing this shirt until recently as I reorganized my photos and realized in the last few months it seems to be the only shirt I’m ever wearing. Than I started to ask myself why. Well first off I don’t feel fat in it, yes I said fat. As women we all have fat days, even skinny women cannot deny having a fat day or two a month. You know those days that you feel fat from the moment you wake up and it does not matter if you’re in a great mood because it’s something about the way you feel or look in the mirror. Well this shirt makes me feel great even on my fat days. I usually buy my shirts in large or extra-large making sure to get them are a little bigger because I’m self-conscious about having a muffin top. My favorite shirt is the 2012 5p- conference shirt, a medium is all they had left, I was so nervous it would be too tight but to my surprise it was a perfect fit.

Every time I wear it I not only feel great but I am spreading awareness for CdCS/5p-, people take a second glance and some even ask what it means when they see the big 5p- on the front. I make it a point to wear to every new doctors appt and it successfully serves it’s purpose. It draws them in with so many questions and gives me the opportunity to educate more individuals with actual facts about the syndrome. Let’s face it, I know more about my daughter’s syndrome than most of her doctors so awareness is critically important for me. I’m sure someone has noticed on my Facebook page that I wear this shirt ALOT! And when it’s cold I slip on a dark gray long sleeve shirt under it so the weather cannot interfere with me wearing my favorite shirt. I’m surprised it’s still in such great condition after being washed mutliple times a week for several months, I’m just lucky I guess.

August 2012

8/2012 it’s an old pic but one of my fav pics.                                        I still look young here!

Back of the shirt.

Back of the shirt.

So now you know my little secret. Do you have a favorite article of clothing?


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