Quiet weekend

Quiet Weekend

This weekend was a quiet one, a couple of days of rest is just what we, (Sophie and I) needed. After her sinus infection flared up again last week and she was once again drained of energy and spewing all kinds of yucky phlegm that sent her right back to the doctor, some time to recuperate was exactly what she needed. So we stopped the antibiotic she was still taking and placed her on two others that she had not been on for a long time hoping that her body will react. She received an injection at the pediatricians office of one of the meds to get some into her system before we left on Friday. This time we also got a script for Zofran incase her vomiting returned. Her pediatrician said we are running out of options, there is not much more we can give her that is approved for a child. Our only hope at this point is the sinus surgery.

Next week I take Sophie to UNC for a sedated CT scan and then follow-up with her ENT in hopes that we can get the sinus surgery scheduled soon. This surgery has become more of an urgency in the last month with the amount of medicine it has taken just to keep the infection at bay. Because her sinuses do not seem to be draining properly it has been impossible to kill off the bacteria she has inside her nasal cavities. We have no choice but to try to clean her out to rid her body of bacteria and avoid it from migrating into her brain which would be catastrophic. Now if only we could get this scheduled as soon as possible would be great.

I was able to relax and cook alot which always makes me happy, I love to cook and bake. I even cleaned out the garage yesterday and donated alot of things we no longer use. I watched a couple of movies and just enjoyed some down time.

Today she is better and has begun to eat again. She is still uncomfortable which is expected as I can only imagine the headaches she must be experiencing. But I think the antibiotics are working, slowly but she looks and feels better.


5 thoughts on “Quiet weekend

  1. Ptty

    I grew up with major allergies that affected my sinuses. At the age of 16 I started developing migraine headaches and went to many doctors who never could find a problem. I finally went to an ENT who discovered that my sinuses were calsified shut. I was never treated for the allergies so the sinuses kept swelling shut. After the third surgery I continued to have chronic sinus infections and headaches. I went to an allergist to find that I had staph and strep in my sinuses which was resistant to antibiotics. Anyway, the allergist put me on a sinus rinse (Neil-med) which I have used daily for the last 10+ years and between the sinus rinse and going through allergy shots my staph and strep are gone. I am wondering if your daughter would be able to use the sinus rinse with your help? It is so soothing and allows all the junk and build-upto drain out. Again, it is called Neil-Med. it comes with a squeeze bottle and small packets of specially treated salt. It has been a savior for me. I feel for you and your daughter. Sinus issues are awful. Praying for you all!

  2. My Dance in the Rain Post author

    Thank you Patty. My daughter has severe sinus disease at this point and because of her combined medical complications which include aspiration sinus rinses are not an option but thank you for the input. And thank you for your prayers, they are greatly welcomed and appreciated.


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