Flu lockdown

Flu LockdownI’m still here, alive, although at one point I wasn’t sure if I would survive. Ariana brought home the flu, despite vaccinating all the kids months ago she caught it. Ariana’s immune system is still a work in progress after being so unhealthy almost a year ago before she came to live with us. And then, my husband got it and within two days I had it. We barricaded ourselves in our bedroom and Ariana in hers using the child gates and making our teenagers care for the toddlers and run the house. We were sick, I mean really sick. Fevers, cold and hot chills, runny noses and a cough that would not give us a breathing break. Our throats were raw and our ribs bruised from coughing so much. We took the Tamiflu religiously hoping it would help rid us of this horrible sickness and drank Gatorade and ginger ale like there was no tomorrow. I was terrified of becoming dehydrated, people die of the flu you know. I know I’m paranoid but if you had the chance to live my life for just one day believe me you would understand why.

I called the pediatrician and she placed all the kids on Tamiflu as a precaution, having the flu is bad enough but Sophie having the flu well that’s too scary to even talk about. The husband who never gets sick was in bed for five days. He gets the sniffles maybe once a year and we joke about how strong his immune system is, our oldest Arturo is the same. Let’s just say he made sure I knew we (him and myself) will be getting the flu shot this year.

After the third night I started coughing up some blood and began wheezing, I was terrified so I went to the ER. In high risk cases or people with compromised lungs like asthma, have a higher chance of developing pneumonia with the flu so I was not taking any chances. My lungs were not clear but it was not pneumonia, my asthma was not tolerating this damn flu virus at all. So I got a breathing treatment, a five-day course of steroids, cough medicine and was sent home. Here I am at day seven, feeling physically better but having trouble breathing and still coughing. I don’t ever remember having to use my inhaler so much but I am grateful it was not worse.

Our lives are returning to normal very slowly. Tristan now has the flu, he is miserable and will not sleep. So we have not slept for four nights now but Sophie has stayed strong through this bacteria epidemic in my home. I am so thankful for that. I canceled all of Sophie’s therapies this week to prevent spreading the germs to anyone else since my house needed to be bombed with Lysol, and I am confident my Lysol trigger happy kids did a great job with that.

The flu sucks! My first time ever having it and I hope it will be my last, it’s horrible. This has been a very bad flu season all around and I cannot wait for it to come to an end.


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