Getting healthy

Getting HealthyThis past week I began my healthy weight challenge. I teamed up with my eldest son and husband to work towards healthier bodies. In the last ten months I have gained an additional 20lbs  bringing my weight up to well over two-hundred pounds, I’m only 5.6″ tall. I have also found myself with high blood pressure several times in the last few months so I decided it was time for a change.

I gained alot of weight after Sophie was born and for several years I just kept using stress as an excuse and a way out of not pushing myself to stay healthier. I’ve struggled with my weight for the last eighteen years and I have had my turn with weight loss successes dropping six sizes once in about four months thanks to discipline and dedication. My problem is I didn’t stop having babies which always brought my weight back up. It’s ok my clan was totally worth it!

I reached a place of self acceptance recently and it is great but my health is more important than being comfortable in my own skin right now. High blood pressure can lead to serious medical complications and I’m already at risk for diabetes, not to mention I’m not getting any younger. My back and knee’s are always hurting and I just want to feel better physically.

So….I said NO MORE EXCUSES! And just decided to do it, it really has not been difficult. I already eat really healthy, I just added a few more meals a day and switched out some white starches for healthier options. I have not been drinking my evening specialty drinks 😉 for a few months now so that helps.

Working out has been hard but I am not letting it stop me. I have been doing Zumba in my living room thanks to YouTube and speed-walking  and jogging a little over two and a half miles in the evenings and when I can in the mornings too. I am so sore it hurts just to move but I am using that as my motivator, no pain no gain, right?

I just want to feel good again, my goal is so lose 34lbs and I am happy to say I have already lost 4lbs just this week. My husband has lost 7lbs and is feeling great! My son has not reported any weight loss but it’s harder for him he is still a teenager and is having a harder time with the change in eating habit’s but he is trying and doing really good, I am proud of him!

I want to be around for a long time so I have to take care of myself and that is just what I am doing, and looking better is just a plus!


7 thoughts on “Getting healthy

  1. zanzanaglob

    The secret is to make some kind of exercise a part of your everyday life. It is much easier when you can go to the supermarket walking or accompany the kids without always taking the car…but you will find a way for it! 🙂

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