Tristan is TWO!

Tristan is TWO_0Can you believe it? My baby is 2 years old!! Where did the time go, it seems like it was yesterday when I welcomed him into this world. It took me six months to convenience my husband that we were not complete without two more little feet. He gave in and we welcomed an amazing little boy into our lives to complete our family. The spitting image of his father he is.

While he was baking in the oven his godmother said he would be super smart and smart he is, she already knew him even before he made his grand entrance into this world.

The best little (BIG) brother we could have asked for as he loves and protects his Sophie (Nina, to him). He is perfect even in those moments that make me want to scream I cannot help but loving him. He is perfect in every way, just as God intended.

Even at his birthday he makes it about her!

Even at his birthday he makes it about her!

This year we opted for no birthday parties for the little ones just a family celebration which is both rare and difficult for me but it turned out great. A new tradition we started was that I would make all the birthday cakes, it’s important to me and the older ones prefer it. This time they choose a vanilla cake with raspberry mousse filling and cream cheese frosting. It was ooh…… so good!

To my amazing little boy, I love you!

Happy Birthday!!

 Tristan is TWO_3

Tristan is TWO_4 Tristan is TWO_5 Tristan is TWO_6 Tristan is TWO_7 Tristan is TWO_8 Tristan is TWO_9

I tried my best to get a nice picture with everyone smiling but it’s just impossible and Tristan just out right refused to smile or look at the camera. Can’t deny they are my family!


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