The day is here


The long anticipated day finally arrived, the day I prayed for but also feared. I’d wake up a little early setting my alarm clock for 5:30am to give myself an extra hour to prepare and gather supplies, that was the plan.

I was in bed by 10:30pm the night before and quickly drifted off to sleep, I wanted to be well rested for the day ahead. But then around 3am Sophie woke up crying, daddy immediately transferred her to our bed where she quickly drifted back to sleep. I on the other hand could not fall back to sleep again and layed in bed tossing and turning checking the clock constantly.

I got up at the time I had initially planned and patiently got my bags together. Since I would be alone and away from my family I decided to pack some snacks that would hold me through the next day. A few water bottles, fruits and pretzels and some snacks for my girl like her pudding and extra milk just in case. And we headed off.

A two-hour drive can be difficult for Sophie but she did great thanks to the Wiggles and Kidsongs. When we arrived at UNC they were already waiting for us, there was a cancellation before Sophie’s scheduled time so they wanted to start her surgery earlier. They took her vitals, the ENT came in to go over all of the procedures. They gave me an estimated surgery length of 4 hours to perform all procedures. Sinus surgery which will include cleaning out and draining sinus cavities (and taking samples) and check for closure of the reconstructed drainage openings from her first surgery. If the cavities did close which they do suspect happened they will reopen them. They will also perform a laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy and make any repairs if needed to malformations. Lastly they will clean out her ears and insert tubes if needed.

Than we went over Pulmonary, they would be first to perform their procedures. Flexible bronchoscopy to view her airway and lungs. One of their concerns is her struggle to breath so its imperative to figure out why it’s happening. Then they will take samples of fluid, mucous and cells from her lungs and wash out any areas of the lungs that need it.

The anesthesiologist came in to go over the whole process with me and answer any questions. Then, they took her. She was her happy self, my amazingly strong child. And I was sent to the waiting room where I sit and wait. And wait. And wait.

I sit here with a knot in my stomach unable to eat or drink anything, just waiting. The outpouring of love, prayers and support from my friends and family has been amazing. My facebook community support is amazing. The power of faith, positive thoughts and prayer are so uplifting, they give me strength. I’m trying to be strong and occasionally shed some tears but I believe she is in great hands. God has not let me down yet and I know he is guiding the hands of the doctors and has angels protecting her.

I will update…later. Thank you for following us on our journey!




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