Leaving the hospital

Follow up to The day is here and Surgery update.

Over the course of the evening after the surgery Sophie was in alot of pain, the bright lights and noise from people talking were too much for her and she was really struggling. She was overstimulated to the extreme, It was imperative to keep her calm because when she was upset she would scream, hold her breath and thrust herself everywhere. This just made her bleed more from her nose. The doctor decided morphine would be good for her to help with pain and to calm her. It was overwhelming to say the least.

Through out the evening the doctors made periodic visits accessing her recovery process, the nurses were in and out constantly. I have to say my experience at UNC Chapel Hill was wonderful! The care provided to my precious girl was impressive.

We stayed in the Pediatric short stay unit, there next to us was another mom who made her way over to see me. She had over heard my conversations with the doctors and came over to chat. She was also a special needs mom but she had 20+ years in her journey. We chatted briefly between doctors and nurses popping in to see us. At one point she walked back over and just hugged me, I held back the tears but it was so hard. She said hearing me advocate for my daughter and being so in control of all the medical issues when I spoke to the doctors reminded her so much of herself. She complimented me for the ability to assert myself and remain in control. I was honored to say the least. We are now facebook friends because well, she is now a part of my journey so how could we not stay connected.

The night was rough, Sophie continued to bleed covering the sheets several times and would go ballistic whenever the nurses walked in. At about 1:30am the nurse came in to help me calm her and decided she needed more morphine, this time she was able to rest peacefully for  several hours. She slept peacefully cradled in my arms as I laid on the bed with her.

I was beyond exhausted and my stomach what a mess, I could not eat anything my anxiety had me nauseous. I really thought we would not be going home as planned after such a rough evening. But, who am I to make assumptions? Sophie always has it her way. She awoke shortly after 5am, not long after one of the doctors came in for morning rounds.

He walked in and saw Sophie sitting straight up, eyes wide open on her Ipad. He gasped and said “Wow…she is beautiful”! It was hard to believe this was the same child he had seen the day before. He remarked that I had been blessed with a little miracle and that the doctors were all amazed at how far she has come in her difficult journey. He put in the order to send us home!

A little later her ENT Dr. Paulson came in to see us and was very happy at what she saw. The night before she was leaning on keeping her longer and could not believe how quickly she had begun to recover. She told me the senior ENT Dr. Drake was very happy to have met us and she was very impressed with me and the care I have provided for Sophie. I’ve never had so many compliments from medical professionals as I received there.

As mothers we don’t appreciate all we do enough, sometimes we have to be reminded that we ROCK! And when medical professionals take the time to make sure you know that your effort has kept your child safe and alive it means ALOT. It’s a validation that you are succeeding.

On our way home I did have to pull over about a dozen times to wipe her face because she was still bleeding from her nose and had begun to sneeze alot but it was a good trip. She was so happy to be home and is healing nicely.

Leaving the hospital_1

After the surgery.

Leaving the hospital_2

Getting some sleep, thanks to morphine.

Leaving the hospital_3

On the way home!

Hard to believe that this was just 3 days after her surgery! My amazing resilient child!


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